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'From Mistress Maria' Letter
SmileHi, Happy new member here! Felt compelled to write after reading the second letter from the simply amazing Ms Maria and her cuckolding domination of her sissy Joanne. Has anyone else any interest in this letter?
 I simply love PDQ monthly but think most of the letters sound more fantasy than reality but this Lady sounds like the real thing. Poor Joanne! I'm caught between dread and desire at her predicament!
  I'd adore a Mistress like Maria - her casual cruelty is to behold and the fact that she revels and enjoys her role so much is something not often heard anywhere, let alone on PDQ.
 Any thoughts/feelings on this greatfully received.
Yes, Ms. Maria is fully in charge and does 'revel'
in being a Mistress.  Sadly I don't remember reading
her first letter to PDQ.
I must say that the March
issue was a particularly good issue. 
Welcome to the Forum Freshservice.
Oh yes, I only read a few articles so far, but yes that march issue seems to be great stuff. Perhaps the sissie world is expanding some more. Mistress Maria seems to be quite the Mistress. I myself would never want to be cuckolded,I do not believe my wife/mistress would ever go this far with me. It is possible she might want want me to curtsey for her, maybe kiss her feet. Im sure she know how to find something for me to do.
Welcome to the forum, Freshservice, I almost forgot.
Hi mm & nancy
Thankyou so much for your welcomes! How kind. Yes think it was around June 2015 when Mistress Marias first letter appeared, it was called Humiliations of Joanne and was as exciting as her letter this month, briefly describing how she met and quickly transformed poor Joanne into the cuckolded sissy she now is. Yes I realise cuckolding isn't for everyone nancy but to me it shows the Mistresses ultimate cruelty and also gives her her utmost freedom while also being incredibly humiliating for the sissy - especially having to choose clothes, help her dress and get ready! Very cruel.
You are lucky having a Wife/Mistress nancy, I have been in such a relationship before - not as intense as i'd have wished but certainly interesting.
Thanks again
fresh service
Welcome Freshservice. Been a fan of PDQ for many years, hope you enjoy as much as I do.
Hi GinaV
Thankyou! Been a fan myself for...ever it seems, certainly 10+ years. This is the first Forum I've been on so i'm a bit of a novice but its so nice to receive the welcomes. Any tips on how best to use the Forum would be greatly received.
Hiya Freshservice and welcome to the PDQ happy you've joined us! On your recommendation I read Mistress Maria's letter and found it wonderful! I agree that there seems something genuine in Her approach to FLR...thanks for pointing us in that direction!


sissy jamieanne
Sissyjamieanne, thankyou for your welcome.
Yes Mistress Marias letter reminds me very much of the very domestic domination often featured in the magazine 'Madame in a World of Fantasy' published from the 70s to the early 00s. There were some absolutes Goddesses of the art for want of a better expression, who had all in there own way managed to somehow entrap a male into a life of maid service and relished turning the screw on them. The ones that I remember are Mary from Maxstoke and her maid pansy, Mistress Anita from Essex and her maid fifi and Ms G.P. and her maid suzette faggott. Each of these Ladys had a maid well and truly under there heal.
Alas Madame is now no more so updates on these poor suffering male maids have ended. Great shame as it would be great to catch-up on there stories.

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