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(06-29-2017, 03:30 PM)Sissyjj. Wrote:
(06-29-2017, 01:45 PM)markuk Wrote: [quote pid='7363' dateline='1498735312']
I have a leather baby harness and reins from Wilf of Reincheck. No longer trading, I believe. I have many memories of reins from the 1950s. At home when given full 'Baby treatment' by an elder sister with my German Nanny's encouragement. Towel nappy/diaper under frilly rubber baby pants and frilly rubber knee bloomers. Very short frilly and lace trimmed satin dresses and bonnets. A rubber bib, and dummy strapped in my mouth. And, of course, tightly strapped leather baby harness and reins. These were used when walking me and securing me into the high chair, and into the old fashioned rubber lined pram. It was a very profound experience being restrained. Somewhat confusing at my age back then! The feeling of restraint, but also of security at the same time.

Thanks for this interesting post.  Were you often dressed in this way by your sister?  Both she and your nanny must have enjoyed seeing you like this.  Were you taken out in reins or was this something that only happened at home?

Everything as to change in the Summer of 1959, when I was seven years old and I was visiting my Aunt and her teenaged daughter. The usual Summer seaside visit to Brighton on the South coast. As usual for visits to the beach, I had been made to wear the 'beach rubbers'. Heavy red rubber bibbed dungarees with extremely tight elastic in the upper thighs. By now the usual thin cotton knickers had been replaced by a tight and thin towel nappy. This was due to my return to some bedwetting at night. It was a very hot and humid day with thunder storms threatening, and so Aunt and my Niece both wore long and hooded rubber mackintoshes. I had been dosed with lots of water at breakfast due to my profuse sweating in the rubbers, and was soon very much in need of a good pee!
We were having a sit down on the sand, and I was getting increasingly fidgety. Aunt was a strictly religious women, and had firm ideas on my discipline. She always seemed much more fussy and strict with me when I was in a nappy and the rubbers. I became aware of a mature and mackintoshed woman nearby with a boy of about my age. Not not only was he also in the rubber beach rubbers, but also a leather baby harness and reins. The woman was plainly very cross with the shivering boy, and she scolded him loudly over and over again with hard tugs at the harness reins. My stares were soon noticed by both Aunt and my Niece. Aunt soon approached the couple and was in conversation with the woman. She soon returned just as I felt myself beginning to wet my nappy, and my body language was instantly read by both Aunt and my Niece. My Aunt was soon scolding me severely as my Niece chuckled.
Aunt said that the boy was also kept in a nappy under his rubbers, and he was a heavy wetter and had again just soaked his nappy. She had also obtained the telephone number of the local saddler who made the harnesses and reins to order.
I was marched home, and was soon naked in the bathroom for the usual cold scrubbing. The next afternoon the local saddler visited, and I was presented with my very own leather harness and reins. Visits to the seaside now always meant the rubbers and being kept restrained.

Thanks for the detailed reply.   What did you wear under the beach rubbers - a normal shirt or was it a rubber top of some sort?  Were you often dressed in this way other than at the beach?  What did you wear normally?  Sorry for all the questions.  I presume that your Aunt gained some pleasure from dressing you in this unusual way and liked rubber herself although you wouldn't have realised it at the time.  Did she likeyou to wear rubber at her home r just to the beach?  Were your parents aware of this?
(07-02-2017, 01:22 PM)minisissyboy Wrote: This does seem like very extreme treatment, how long did your aunt treat you like this.  It seems abusive to treat a 7 year old child in this fashion.

I guess what is abusive at some time isn't at another.  Sending kids up chimneys to clean them seems horribly abusive to us now but was quite acceptable for a period (and not that long ago either).  Presumably sissyjj's aunt had her reasons for dressing him in this way - perhaps he was very badly behaved or she just believed that keeping him on a tight rein, so to speak, was the best way to bring him up so he'd do as he was told.  Those of use who had vaguely similar experiences of being strictly controlled and unusually trained by our parents can sometimes, in retrospect, get some understanding of why they did it I think.

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