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Dealing with embarassment
Not sure if I should be posting this here or in another section. It seemed about right.

Are there any ways to deal with the embarassment of certain situations? Something that could help mentally. For example, admitting that I love to serve women, or that I identify myself as a slave. Maybe exposed that I wear chastity, or offering to sleep on the floor so that a woman can sleep in my bed.
Anything that is likely and less likely to happen, yet possible. My place is to put women first in any situation,so embarassment, maybe shyness will get in the way.

I know that embarassment/humiliation is not only part of my role, but I also like it. Yet I've given up on chances to be useful to women due to being hesitant of the embarassment.
Maybe there is no tip to help me mentally, and I just have to go for it? Confused

Thanks in advance!
Hello Niko...

As I understand, you're encountering issues of embarrassment that can stand in your way of being of proper service to women...I think we've all encountered this, and have had to find ways to overcome it...

The best advice I can give (as a fellow submissive) is to always be polite and respectful to Women...always show deference to Them, and make clear that you know your place. You can do this without embarrassment, and I believe most Women will be quite charmed by your pleasant and respectful manner.

In everyday life, I practice deference to Superiors by holding doors for Them (even longer than most people would...waiting even though they are still several steps away), offering my seat, a simple smile and a pleasant good morning, politely offering my place in line...

Embrace your submission...let it shine...and your Superiors will take notice!

From my experience, use the feelings of embarrassment and shame as a form of your training. The more you take on, the better trained you are. Even if you are the brunt of the joke a woman is making, if she or females laugh, accept it and know you brought her joy. Be suire to thank her and encourage her to enjoy herself more in this way, learn to take delight in this and thank her when she's finsihed.
I am a sissy, I serve Women, renounce my silly attempts at false maleness, and surrender to my sissyhood as who I am best to be.
In terms of holding doors open, I was once told by a woman to stand outside a department store while she shopped to buy me panties and hold or open the door for any woman entering or exiting the store. She was gone over 45 minutes,it was very submissive and humbling for me and as a sissy should be.
She laughed and smiled when she came out of the store, telling me she was proud of me, and how I truly belonged in panties.
I am a sissy, I serve Women, renounce my silly attempts at false maleness, and surrender to my sissyhood as who I am best to be.
As has been mentioned, "practise makes perfect" but while I crave the need to be humiliated and embarrassed, it is something that still mortifies me when my wife ensures I get my fix. At home this is overcome by being made to wear a rubber hood but in public, there is no barrier to ensure anonymity. This is sadly when my wife gets most inventive and she delights in making we try on new aprons and tabards in the store and asks the (usually) female shop assistants for advice or opinions. It is utterly ghastly but I always get so aroused in such circumstances.
Always in strict uniform
I guess I have to "struggle" through the first times. Thanks for the replies!
Hey Niko,

I'd agree with what's already said. I wouldn't call it a struggle. It's more like a balloon you have to pop Wink Good luck and enjoy.
It's true; once you embrace your sissy side and swallow your pride the rest is easy.

The first time someone else sees you in a tiny dress and frilly panties, or a schoolgirl uniform, or when some e you know catches you buying panties when she knows your single, it's embarrassing. But what are they going to do?

You'll go red, then there's no choice but to face it up.

We all go through it. And we all come out the other side.

Be brave!
You could buy all your sissy clothes online and no one would ever know .
But where's the fun in that?!

It's okay to start with, but now I love the thrill of buying in person.

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