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Legs up spanking
Do any superiors ever spanking using this position.

Maid or sissy made to lie on there back on the bed.

Dress or nighties lifted to chest and knickers taken down to there ankles.

Mistress can hold there legs up so they cannot kick, just wriggle around and squirm as they are spanked.

Best to use a strap or hairbrush and apply to back of thighs and sit spot, the more tender areas.

It's a harsh and humiliating punishment as there little tinkles are all on show as they wriggle.

In the USA it's called the diaper position.

Being British. I prefer the term

Nappy position

Oh yes a very submissive position indeed, several pillows can be placed unter their lower back to raise the target, if their ankles are tied over head to the bed headboard the punishment can then proceed at a leasurly pace with plenty of time to reflect on their misdeeds before, during, and afterwards
I used to get spanked in that position as a child and teenager during my nappy change. My mother always called it ‘the nursery position’.

I still find it incredibly humiliating to be spanked like that. Unlike a more usual ‘over the knee’ spanking, all your bits are on full display. And can be ‘accidentally’ included in the spanking if your spanker so desires.
Heart Sugar and spice and all things nice Heart
And importantly with "all the bits" on display, any wicked thoughts are immediatly obvious and strict correction can be applied before returning to the original punishment
The good thing about the nursery position is that you can make your sissy baby produce his own babylotion to soothe that burning bottom .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel

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