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I Love My Dollies
Hello Everyone.

One thing that I really enjoy is playing with dolls. I have a few - firstly there is Sarah-Ann. She is dressed in Victorian Clothing, complete with pinafore and a straw hat decorated with flowers. Her hair is light brown and in plaits. Every morning when I get up, I go and say "Good Morning" to her.

Another doll is Melissa. Like Sarah-Ann, she has brown hair, albeit darker. She wears a pink gingham dress. Then there is Sally, a ragdoll with blonde hair and in a floral dress. (I love them all equally).

Of course, having a big sister, when she was a little girl, she had dolls. She also had a doll's pram, and what a wonderful thing it was. It was made by "Silver Cross" and had a proper suspension (carriage suspension, I think), a brake and rubber tyres. When my sister grew up and moved out, the pram was placed into a spare room. I remember that on the occasions that I had to wheel it out of the away (in orderĀ to get something), as I pushed it along I found the experience pleasurable.

My sister also had a paper-doll set. I remember coming across it and deciding to take a further look. As I played with the doll, trying different outfits on it, I found myself becoming thrilled and sexually aroused. The fact that I was playing with something which was really meant for girls thrilled me.

It wasn't until I began to see 'Auntie' that my interest in dolls was renewed. After dressing me in my wig and sissy clothes, she would make me sit on her sofa with my dolls. When she returned from the kitchen, she would then stick a baby's dummy in my mouth and make me suck it. I felt like a little girl as I cuddled my dolls and sucked my dummy.

I did purchase a doll's pushchair several years ago, but never really played with it that much. I think that it was because IĀ  felt that it wasn't as good as my sister's doll's pram. Speaking of which, I have located it. It is in a spare room, dust-covered and properly needs a little attention. A good clean andĀ  a little bit of care and attention, and it should be as good as new.

I haven't finished with getting more dolls. What I would really like to get is a traditional wooden doll's house. What could be better than playing with dolls and a doll's house whilst dressed up as a little sissy girl? It would be very enjoyable. Smile
There's something so calming about playing with your dollies so I usually try to pack a few with me when I go to littles meet ups for a few days so we can play and share our enjoyment of them.
Gender fluid Feminine Boy "Jane Girl"
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