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Dealing with Male Privilege
(08-06-2016, 10:04 PM)Ali Wrote: I think a big part of the problem is that although boys and girls are basically dressed the same as babies - with their nappies and baby knickers usually on display - once they grow out of nappies the boys have their underwear hidden by shorts or trousers, whereas girls continue to run the risk of having their most intimate garments revealed under their skirts and dresses. Surely this must contribute to the feeling of superiority boys mistakenly feel?

If girls wore trousers or shorts and boys wore dresses or skirts, with pretty panties on underneath, I'm sure this would go a long way towards redressing the balance.
But surely the logical assumption to this is that it would reverse the balance? If everyone started off in dresses and had to in essence learn to control their dresses before they were allowed to progress, surely this would create a more balanced society.

My ‘Graduation Theory’ basically asserts that all children should be able to manage a dress daintily including skipping rope and free skipping without showing their knickers, manage the basic skills of a teenage girl (as we understand them to be now) in a skirt such as prancing in high heels and the wearing and maintenance of makeup. To exclude girls from this just gives them the superiority complex does it not. If you do it as proscribed, the wheat will rise from the chaff and of what you and RF seem to assert is true that will be broadly the females anyway.

The irony of me posting this position is that I am in a role where I am obliged to live out the role of my ‘skirt graduate’ on a daily basis in being an air hostess.
But a good story none the less
The victorians and edwardians used petticoat punishment to deal with unruly boys and men, and of course it still exists today.  At about age six, a boy graduated from skirts to breeches or trousers.  This was the outward sign of masculinity and it was a privilege.  The privilege could, however, be removed if the boy didn't apply himself at school or for misbehaviour.  It was very humiliating indeed for a boy to suddenly find himself back in skirts and at the mercy of other children, who can be very cruel.  It was and remains a very effective punishment calculated to puncture the fragile male ego.

I for one would love to be subjected to petticoat punishment and to doff my trousers for good.


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