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Humiliated at little sister's birthday party
When I was eighteen I was regularly cross dressing, and quite enjoying it.

What I didn’t enjoy was when my mother would punish me by making me wear little girls’ clothes, or sometimes even a nappy and baby clothes.

And sometimes she’d find another way to humiliatingly punish me. Today was one of those days.

It was my sister Lucy’s 16th birthday, and she was having a dozen of her friends around. My mother told me that I was to serve them with drinks and food. That didn’t sound too bad – until my mother told me what I would be wearing.

Her friends had seen me dressed as a girl before,


but none of them had ever seen me dressed as my mother now proposed.

“You’re going to be serving as a waitress, so it makes sense for you to wear a little waitress uniform” she said. But it didn’t look like a waitress’s uniform. It looked like a French maid’s uniform. And the dress looked so short that it would barely cover my frilly panties.


I knew better than to protest, however. Protesting only ever resulted in a spanking. And I didn’t want a spanking.

So I meekly agreed to wear the uniform. We ended up all getting dressed together, with Lucy casually watching on as her big brother put on his frilly knickers and stockings.


When her friends started to arrive I was terribly embarrassed as these pretty sixteen year olds, in their shorts and tights, little miniskirts and tight-fitting dresses looked me up and down in my maid’s uniform.

I served them drinks and snacks, and it didn’t take long before they became emboldened by a couple of glasses of wine, and started to speculate what I was wearing under my dress. And it wasn’t long before one of them grasped the back of my dress and lifted it high above my waist, much to the amusement of the others.


For the next ten minutes their conversation seemed to centre around how frilly my knickers were.

Eventually I could stand the humiliation no longer. “Oh for goodness sake!” I exclaimed. “Can you PLEASE talk about something other than my knickers!”

The room went completely silent. One of the girls started to sob.

And then my mother said “Ali Davies. You’re a VERY naughty boy! How dare you speak to these girls like that? You're wearing pretty frilly knickers, so it’s no wonder the girls are talking about them. I think you'd better come here and let me give you a sound spanking. Then perhaps you’ll learn to behave more nicely.”

So I found myself, in front of all the girls, across my mother’s lap, with my knickers pulled down, receiving a very sound spanking.

Heart Sugar and spice and all things nice Heart

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