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Confession of a cuckold
(02-08-2018, 03:00 PM)TonyF Wrote: I sit in the living room, my cb6000 , locked in place, wearing pink nylon full cut briefs, under my cotton house dress. My wife Gina, in her black short sexy cocktail dress is getting ready to leave and meet her date. I smell her perfume, as she walks over to say goodnight to me.  tony, you be a good girl, the childguards are on the computer, the child gards on on the cable tv, so you can't watch or look at anything naughty. She kisses my forehead. I will be home , giggling late, tomorrow, I will text you that I'm ok. I will be out with Frank. If there is a problem, call my Mom or sister, they have emergency keys to your, she taps my crouch hitting the hard plastic of the cb6000, your lock. Gina leves closing the door behind her.
      Tears start filling my eyes and running down my face. Shes going to be sexually satisfied by another man. I can't do it for her. She has told me time and again that there are 3 year old boys with bigger penises then mine, She tells me that I'm too fast on the triger, no self control she sas. I sob and cry. I shold be glad she keeps me I guess. When she decided to date, she told me , she didn't blame me if I filed for divorce, but she was going to dated, that is the way it will be she said. I could say and live in the house. But she wasn't going to do with out sex. She told me she was tired of my using my finger on her, she said I just don't understand how to use my toung the right way. She said I leave her wanting sex, I give her no fullfillment. She put me in the cb6000,#and the panties telling me I was not a man. The thing is I'm not a man. A man would have left, would have divorced, would have made a new life. I didn't , I accepted her terms. She is the bread winner. I cry , when the tears dry up , I watch tv. 
       Shes out with a man that she dates on a steady bases. Hes much older then her. She sas he has a 9 inch penis that is thick. He can go 3 times and after a little rest a 4th time. He gets her dripping wet long before getting her to his bed.
        I wish it was me, I cry again, I wish it was me. But it's not. I was never allowed to meet any of her lovers. Never allowed to be part of her sex life. It's been years since I have seen her naked body. It's been years since she moved me into a guest room. I do have a job. I cook , clean, do the laundry at our house. I do the same at her mothers house and her sister and brother in laws home. I also go the gardening, clean the pool. But most important , I help her prepare for a date. I shave her legs, her underams. I do her fingernails. I drive her to the hair solon. I make sure there are flowers on the table when ever she has a date. I lay out her lbra and panties stockings garter belt if she wears one, dress. I 'm not allowed to see her in her undies, but from laying them out I know how sexy she must look. I cry it's not me. That I'm not man enough to take her push her down on the bed strip her and liver her. Thinking about it gets me excited , I start to harden in the cb6000s, it hurts, I snap back to reality, and cry that its not me.
      But there is a reward. When she comes home, if he satisfies her, if she had powerfull orgasums, she will come home. We will go to me room. I will take off the house dress , take off the panties, Gina will unlock the cb6000s . She will started describing her date. What he did to her, how he took her bra off, kissed her nipples. She will describe in detail how he licked her clitty. How she grabbed his cock and guided it to her vagina. Hiw the big thing slid in so easy because of her excitment. In one thrust it was deep inside her streaching her . As she telks me this, I'm allowed to jerk off. She sees I'm ready. She telkes me how he would tense and pulse inside of her, and then she feels the jets of cum shoting inside. Hes so big there is no room inside for all his cum, and it leaks out as he shots in. I close my eyes as she tells me this. I immagine I'm her. She is so descriptive I feel the cock, I feel her excitment , I'm her , I become her. I cum, it's piwer full. I shake.
      Then she allows me to shower, locks the cb6000 s back in place . I have to thank her. Then she goes to her room to undress and go to bed. I'm so glad he satisfied her. Had he not , and sometimes he doesn't she still tells me in detail about her date, but does not unlock me. If she doesn't get satisfied, either do I that's the rule. So I pray he does satisfy her I pray. 
      After I cum, and she goes to her room, I cry again, I cry its not me. I cry because I'm not a man. But I'm thankful she has a man.
Your wife Gina seems to be a woman who knows what she wants and how to ensure she gets it. There are women out there like that. I know, I was definitely with one. I once confided in a g/f how my previous g/f had me eat my own cum and then wanted to see me consume another man's cum. She wanted me to be her sissy cuckold. I told her, she almost convinced me, but I just couldn't do it. Hearing this confession, my new g/f just smiled and said my former g/f, "Just didn't go about it the right way." But, didn't explain further. 

A few weeks later, my g/f said she wanted to try something a little different. She had me dress in a baby doll nightie and panties and did my hair and makeup. She then proceeded to take me to the spare bedroom and lie on the bed. She then tied my hands to the bed and left. My mind was racing. She then returned and placed a baby monitor next to the bed, turned it on, and left again. I had no idea what was going on. I then heard the door bell and the front door open and close in the distance. Next I heard a man's voice and her voice through the baby monitor. I could hear kissing and muffled talk. A few minutes later, I could hear them having sex with lots of moaning. This went on for what seemed like an eternity. I couldn't help but listen and couldn't help get excited. Soon there was silence, then some muffled talk, then the front door opening and closing again. Next, I heard the clicking of her high heels on the wood floor as she approached the bedroom door. My heart was racing. She opened the door with a wide satisfied smile. Her smile got bigger when she saw the lump in my panties.

She got on the bed and inched up to my face. I could smell the sex. She positioned herself above my mouth and told me, very sternly, to open wide. I knew I had no choice as she always got her way. I opened my mouth and then felt the cum drip into my mouth. "Well," she said. "It looks like I know how to go about it the right way. Isn't that right, my pretty little sissy cuckie!" Thus began my initiation of being her sissy cuckold.

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