Poll: Should a sissy be castrated?
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I'm a Mistress and I say YES.
6 8.22%
I'm a Mistress and I say NO.
1 1.37%
I'm a sissy and I say YES.
36 49.32%
I'm a sissy and I say NO.
30 41.10%
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The Ultimate Chastity: Would you consider clipping a sissy?
OK, most of us here are either Mistresses who lock their sissies up for reasons of training and discipline or sissies who (some reluctantly) accept our chastity cages as we accept the other parts of our service.  There is a further and final step to curbing our nasty male behavior that I wonder about.  How many of us would consider castration?  I ran across the following on the web.

Quote:Put simply, castration, I believe, represents the ultimate final step in becoming a devoted slave. In my experience, intact slaves are inherently doomed by their hormonal make up. Unable to adequately control their sexual urges they equate slavery with sexual pleasure, rather than with true, unselfish, Dominant-focused service. In doing this they limit their slavery to the narrow confines of kinky sex rather than embracing the ultimate goal of ownership.
The point here is that many sissies are all about their own pleasure, even if delayed or controlled.  That's not service.

There are physical and mental benefits and detriments that stem from this irreversible step in our feminization, but it certainly takes the level of a sissy's servitude to a higher level.  No more testosterone based male behavior.  Longer life.  Osteoporosis.  No more hair loss on the top of our heads, reduced hair elsewhere.  Depression.  Possible breast growth even without introducing female hormones.  Lower muscle mass, more fat.  Curvier.  The pros and cons go on.

What do you think?
If I had a Mistress who I felt was going to keep me 24/7/365 for ever as her sissy maid...then yes I would submit to the knife for her.
(07-29-2016, 06:56 AM)Silymaid Wrote: If I had a Mistress who I felt was going to keep me 24/7/365 for ever as her sissy maid...then yes I would submit to the knife for her.

You are so right, Silly.  My ultimate submission, changing my body for the rest of my life, would require a lifelong commitment to and from my Mistress.
I've already lost mine due to medical issues, and I admit, it doesn't really bother me. Of course, I learned at an early age that who I am isn't defined by clothes or body parts, but instead by who I make myself out to be.
Not for me, that's one step too far. Good luck to those that do or wish to, but I'll stick to the cage.
Always in strict uniform
I prefer the sissies stay locked up, for some women this is the right step and they should be allowed to remove the males birth defect. I do think the mistress should openly discuss this with his sissy, make him aware that this will be hear choice and that if he gets outline or disobeys she will willing and ready to snip his toy off.
I have heard the most radical form beyond clipping is a woman or women discussing their desire to have their have a complete gender reassignment surgery, following through to have this happen. If I was in the post on of serving as a sissy to a lesbian couple, I would be glad to take this step.
I am a sissy, I serve Women, renounce my silly attempts at false maleness, and surrender to my sissyhood as who I am best to be.
I disagree. By keeping their male bits locked in chastity you are keeping them aroused and keeping their minds focused. If you castration then you no longer are going to have a male that has any desire to do anything.

I know that with me, chastity is there to control my sexual urges.

A lot of Mistresses like seeing their sissy trying to get hard while locked in their chastity device which you not going to get if they are castrated. With the pent up sexual frustration of a sissy maid locked in chastity they will do nearly anything for release.
Kelly also true, it depends on what Mistress finds useful and amusing!
I am a sissy, I serve Women, renounce my silly attempts at false maleness, and surrender to my sissyhood as who I am best to be.
I totally agree with kelly 
if their little baby parts re removed it takes away all those tearful little moments when they beg and cry because they are a silly man who wants to play with their little cllitty  well it was locked up in the first place either for being unfaithful. or because it was not adeqaute to please their female partner  or purely because the Mistress or mummy found  that them having it free made them unruly and disobedient and far to boisterous 
on a personal level i  get pleasure of having that completely locked and ridiculed  and often that not teased when they get bright ideas about being a big strong man  often pulling down their nappies and a firm spanking over mummies lap and then mirror time  with nappies around their knees to look at their supposed manlyhood  while tears trickle down their sissy baby faces is very satisfying to know youve removed those manly thoughts yet again... 
often teased with the what would mummy do with that silly little thing you cant even control your wetting into those baby nappies let alone control yourself to please your mommy .. oh no mommy needs a real strong Man who  isnt a nappy wetting little sissy baby girl who needs to be in bed by 7pm to please her ... isnt that why baby is in her nappies and her cot by 7pm .... often not a word an be spoken from their little sissy mouths  and a dummy is needed to control their sobbing fate as a sissy little nappy wearing baby girl 
Mistress Mommy Racheal

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