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Chastity belts: do you love them or hate them?
My wife started me in a cb3000, and I have been up grated to a cb6000. I have slipped out of it a few times, but was severly punished for not reporting it immedatly to my wife. It is on tight now, she tightened the spacer and uses the smallest ring. I'm use to it now, I use to cry a lot.
I don't enjoy chastity...and I certainly don't enjoy wearing a device...but, I do.  I've been in chastity for the most part for several Wife believes (and I'm sure She's correct) that a male/sissy cannot be trusted with full access to his penis/clitty...left to his own devices he will masturbate!  I have two devices...the first is my CB3K and the second is my small pink Holy Trainer 2...they are both effective, but clearly the HT2 is more secure and more comfy.  Being "small" it prevents any growth and the discomfort that growth causes.
Your wife is absolutely correct: there's no way I can be trusted not to indulge in some illicit self-pleasuring when alone and free. The funny thing is that being threatened with being prevented from doing so by being locked in the Panties From Hell is a turn-on and makes me want to be a naughty sissy even more!

To be honest, I DO enjoy chastity but I can't make my mind up whether I enjoy wearing a belt (or any other device for that matter).

What I enjoy are the desperate attempts by Mister Frisky to get erect and, in a proper belt, they don't cause any great discomfort, just a frantic desire to play with myself which the belt makes totally impossible. Wearing the belt gets me turned on far more often than when I'm free . . . . and it keeps me that way because there's nothing whatsoever I can do about it. - I LOVE THAT!!!

What I don't like is the day-to-day inconvenience.
Don't knock it if you haven't tried it.
I have been using a Jailbird for several months and, like many sissies have a love/hate relationship with it. I hate the physical pain it causes when my “pathetic”—as my wife calls it—penis tries to get hard, but love the humiliation of knowing that it can’t be free and enjoy the pleasures of a real man’s penis. My wife does whatever she can to reinforce my lack of masculinity by not only verbally humiliating me, and punishing me, but by commenting on how gorgeous and masculine other men are when she sees them. She likes to comment on how good looking a particular man is in front of me and friends of hers. Her friends are not aware of what is going on, but she and I know that she is doing it to humiliate me. She knows it excites me, and that it causes my penis to try to grow erect, and the pain it causes me when the cage prevents this from happening.

Because the cage prevents her from touching my penis, she will squeeze my balls until I am begging her to stop, but she will just look at me, straightfaced, and ask me what’s wrong, as if she can’t imagine what my problem is, all the while squeezing them harder, or manipulating them so that they are not only being squeezed but also rubbed together with great force. It is only when I am on the verge of tears that she will stop and say something like, “You are such a pathetic little sissy; a real man would never let a woman do that to him.” She knows though that I need the pain and humiliation, and that despite the pain of the cage and her squeezing, I will always come back for more.

I am attaching a picture of me in my cage, which is only 2.25 inches long.

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I love my chastity belt.  It may seem a rather strange thing to say as I'm a dominant daddy but I enjoy feeling controlled by it.  I find it strangely empowering and feel more dominant with it on, and with a nappy on, than I do without.  My sissy boy, Sissy Simon, doesn't get to wear one - he doesn't get it.  For him, being submissive is more to do with not playing with himself because he's been told not to and to avoid what might happend if he does.  So strangely, he's the sissy without the chastity belt and I'm the dom with one!
I invite you all to read this document I wrote, Brianna's Chastity for Sissies, which also has some ideas on self-chastity fun!
(01-22-2018, 08:55 AM)Paulette the Tart Wrote: I've been through the usual variety of chastity devices, finding, of course, that most don't work and finally, a few years ago, discovered that only full belts were comfortable, inescapable and totally effective - hence my avatar.

I find the biggest turn-on is not actually being locked up but is being threatened with being locked in my 'stainless steel panties from Hell'. Being teased while totally helpless to remove them gets Mister Desperate unbelievably frustrated but I hate the inconvenience of everyday wear. I have managed 47 days continuous imprisonment in the 'industrial knickers from the Isambard Kingdom Brunel lingerie range' and I even ski in them but I still hate them . . . . yet I love sleeping in them and waking up desperately frustrated, with my poor panty python straining so hard to break free and, of course, failing.

Yes - it's a true love/hate relationship I have with my 'iron-age undies'.

How do you feel about your chastity belt - or about keeping a male helpless in one?

I just love chastity devices it helps me to be in discipline
Chastity, has made me a better husband, my self-abuse is now under harsh supervision even-though I hate wearing it, I accept its has made me a better person.

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(03-22-2018, 07:05 PM)brianna9950 Wrote: I invite you all to read this document I wrote, Brianna's Chastity for Sissies, which also has some ideas on self-chastity fun!

Great Subject, I have always been totally attracted to the idea of being kept in chastity ever since I have heard of such. My wife would never hesitate to keep me in chastity on my asking, and I have asked for it. I have tried two or three real cheap ones before. I might have spent 18 hours in one made real sore, kind of give me blisters. I know I kind of get what I pay for, and it takes maybe a few tries to get it right. But my wife is very impatient and don't want to waste more money. Maybe if I can be so smart and create more money somehow, then she would give into me spending more money on a better chastity device.
   Im sure I may not like it 100%, I would be fully agreeable to wear such a device. The truth is, I have actually taught myself not to masterbate, if I did play with myself, I feel so guilty. I had been a chronic masterbater much my life. I somehow trained myself not to materbate, because I know my wife does not approve of such. I still wish to be kept in chastity and I also always think it is very cute and controlling to make sure I am to sit down to pee and use the toilet so lady like. Even when I am fully dressed as a male, I am fully reminded I am a sissie with a woman, of who I must answer to.
  Well I thought this is great advice for this world, and aguess, if I am not getting it, maybe I just need to be even better for my wife.
  Love you all, from nancy
Wearing a physical chastity device is one controlling method that is not all that humiliating exposed and embarrassing!
Consider wearing a diaper (optional oversize bulging) over the device - now this ups the ante to humiliation and while
not exactly exposed raises questions of what is all that padding hiding - and then the embarrassment kicks in explaining
why one is so encumbered. One has no need to escape to the loo - one is wearing his own personal portable loo - thus
no place to run and hide to attempt unwanted sensual relief if any could be done.
In some cases those chastity devices are so small as to squish the deforming penis that the pee pattern is nothing more
than a spray with uncontrolled direction - even sitting on the porcelain throne may not contain it all therefore a definite
requirement of a diapered shield.
Diapers and frilly detailed diaper covers make for an interesting solution to the chastity !

A unique aspect would be wearing a "T" shirt or diaper cover with the statement - - -
Large Print:
Small Print:
"I am wearing one"

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