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Chastity belts: do you love them or hate them?
Dear Paulette,

You are most welcome to post links and excerpts from your book.

The  policy on advertising a relevant business is as follows:

Members who participate in the forum and who have a business to promote may include relevant links in their posts. A link in your .sig is also OK.

Those who only wish to promote a business should discuss purchasing advertising from Auntie Helga. It's not fair to her or to other advertisers to allow free advertising.

I recently became aware of a member who only used her account to promote her books. I presented her with participating and promoting her books as you have, Paulette, or to buy advertising. She chose to delete her account.
Stamp out useless scrolling! To reply to posts, click Reply, then Control (or Command) + A, then start typing. Or, to focus on one part of a previous post, delete the unneeded sections, then reply. Add a similar message to your .sig if you like.

Your forum maid,

ModeratorM Cool

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