Poll: In what way do you choose to be spanked?
Trousers down, across your boss's lap, in her office
Naked, with an audience
Bare bottomed, across your Mistress's lap
In public
In the nursery position
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Your Mistress has informed you that you are to receive a spanking. Kindly, or perhaps cruelly, she has instructed you to choose the manner in which you are to be spanked.

Which do you choose?

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Well I think being spanked my wife/mistress and have one of her female friends watch would be acceptable but also most humiliating, or any of the mistress and sub spankings are very acceptable. The picture where they appear to be in the bank, I do not feel is appropriate for such punishment in real life, it should be done a little more privately.
nancy who is in full support of Feminism.
This where I typically find myself, as I was just the other night when Mommy became angry over the pee smell inn my nursery;

[Image: mkxcg26k6arzmkc4g.jpg]
I don't get to choose how or when but it has always been in private so far. I do cry though and have to stand in a corner with my bottom on show for an hour. Not sure what would happen if a visitor arrived. I daren't move until instructed to cover myself.
I like all of the pictures, but in my experience, the slave bent over the bed is the best. That way I get a full range of motion and don't have to support his weight. He then spends time in the corner thinking about how he can improve and avoid further punishment.
In real life, most of my spankings are either bent over the side of the bed or bent over holding my ankles...although for "formal punishment" or punishment of a more severe nature, the caning bench is used.

Since we're talking fantasy...I often fantasize about being punished in front of a small group (perhaps a few of Mistress' friends visiting for wine)...and I am directed to "fetch the paddle, take position in the center of the room, skirt up, panties down and hold your ankles"...and in this humiliating and humbling posture I'm paddled for all to see!
Have you ever been spanked before an audience, Jamie Anne? It really is quite the most humiliating thing ever.

As with most spankings, you engage to some extent, in your own punishment by meekly going along with instructions like ‘stand there’, ‘bend over’, ‘lift your skirt over your waist’, ‘pull down your knickers’ .

But whereas that normally happens in private, with an audience you can’t but help hear gasps as you wordlessly obey, and often stifled giggles at the sight of your bare bottom.
I would love to be over her knee but this would be a burden for her so nursery position with hands holding or more likely fastened to ankles
I am the housemaid of my Mistress. When disciplined it is always a handspanking on the bare bottom and after that an hour of cornertime with nose in the corner and hands on my back and skirt up and panties down.
After my cornertime I am usually locked up in the cell for a few hours to think about my behaviour. At night I am also locked up in my cell until work starts the next morning
another option ,  used in our household.  Head on floor, bottom raised, small stool placed behind......  the offending part is pulled back between the legs and placed on the stool,  this way the spanking is administered directly to the source of the badness

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