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Hair - long, short or gone?
(01-16-2018, 03:23 PM)Sarah Her Slut Wrote:
(01-13-2018, 11:33 AM)sissysoft Wrote: I have a question for all here, Superiors and sissies.  

How do you prefer sissies to wear their hair?  

Should it be grown long and perhaps styled, with the aim of mimicking a more girly, feminine  appearance?  

Or should a sissy's hair be kept short, clippered even, as a means of highlighting there's a sissified - petticoated male about?  In other words, adding to their embarrassment and humilitation?    

Personally I love donning a wig to look a little more femme.  However, I also have a strong attraction to the feelings of embarrassment that come with donning sissy outfits while having short, clippered hair.  I have no wig to hide behind, can't pretend I'm a girl, can't escape what my appearance shouts to the world.   

Thoughts, observations?
A very good question. 

As for me, Mistress has always had me keep my hair short and cut in a masculine style, to enhance my humiliation, I am required to have a moustache.
When I am dressed at home, in my maid's dresses or a cocktail dress and full, elaborate make-up, there can be no doubt that I am a feminized male.
if we are out and about, I will more often than not be in ladies slacks, side zip of course, a blouse or twinset, low heeled ladies shoes and of course stockings and a full corset. I will be wearing feminine jewellery and perfume too. Sometimes I will be in subtle make up but not often during the day.

One of Mistress' live in girlfriends decided She would like me to wear a long auburn wig at times but soon dropped the idea, once Mistress had explained that my humiliation was the point and the wig lessened that aspect of her dominance of me.

I am quite happy not to be wearing a wig as they tend to slip and get in the way. Which confession will ensure that I will soon be wearing one.

I really LOVE how your Mistress has dressed you.  I think in the World of Female Empowerment and Male Feminization that it is very important that the feminine male be exposed as a male.  The Side zip slacks, blouse and nylons while presenting with short hair and mustache, and hopefully Full Makeup and earrings really drives the point home as to who is in charge, and where males are heading in the new World Order!
Feminine men make the best spouses for independent women. Feminized  Male wives for Empowered women is the future!
(01-28-2018, 05:13 PM)Yvette-Louise Wrote: Prefer my maid to wear a wig, makes him more feminine, keeps him on his toes as he has to style it and keep it tidy all day while wearing it, plus in the summer it is hot and makes him uncomfortable.

Also he has to have his own hair grips/clips as under no circumstances is he allowed to use mine.

For a long time I kept it long, but recently, at the behest of my mother-in-law, I keep my head shaved, and alternate between 4 wigs that she has purchased for me. I absolutely love it - can switch up color and style - fabulous!‚̧ԳŹ
(01-13-2018, 04:32 PM)pontiacgeh Wrote: My boy was taken to a salon dressed as a girl and was given an bowl cut.  Looks both childish and sort of girlish at the same time, but also has a masculine look.  many different takes when he is in public.

I too favour the bowl cut or should I say basin cut my feelings are that the hair should be at least 1inch above the ears,

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