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Chastity cages and other devious devices .
I have heard people say that chastity devices were really expensive . So i have been hunting online to try and find somewhere that sells them at good prices . I found this site and some of the antimasturbation devices scared the hell out of me . I would be terrified to get an erection with some of these things on and in me . Anyway here is a link to the site .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
As someone who wears chastity very regularly, cheap Chinese products won't and don't last long. You really want a quality product that is made for you and comfortable, if you are just using for play here and there, sure but any long term wear, it won't last
Wearing cheap metal hardware is not the same as surgical metal that can be made hygienically safe.
Be very careful here especially if you have metal affinity allergies !
(03-09-2019, 01:27 AM)SissyMaker19 Wrote: Enforced chastity should be a part of boy feminizing program

Would that also apply to adult males?


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