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A story you may like
Hi everybody!  I'm currently putting the finishing touches on a story you may like.  It's heavily inspired by and dedicated to our local forum favorite hero RadicalFeminist and explores my vision of some of the beginnings of the gender role reversal future she anticipates.  

I would love if you would check it out:
Thank you!
I love your story and hope you write more about Prissy Princesses, Champion Girls and gender role reversal school (future, world, society).
nice story. I enjoy it.
Thanks sissykimmy1,

Love your story, it would awesome to see others get inspired and create more gender role reversal stories. I hope to continue more on my blog in the near future. Right now, I am too busy helping real mommies turned their brats into princesses.

>Love your story, it would awesome to see others get inspired and create more gender role reversal stories.

That would make me so super happy!
As I understand Sissy Kimmy finished this wonderful novella.
It's so thrilling to read about Prissy Princesses and their true goal in life to be the devoted spouses to Champion girls. Wink
I had a cover image commissioned for this story.  

[Image: c7jHht6.png]

The artist is Passionate Shadow:

If you like this and are looking to commission artwork of your own, Passionate Shadow has my highest possible recommendation. Talented, professional, hard working, and a good price.
I like the image, Sissy Kimmi. 
As I understand the book is ‚ÄúThe Prissy Princess Correctional Club Guidebook‚ÄĚ.
I would like to read this book too.
Could you write it for us, pretty please?  Rolleyes
Heh, I prefer writing fiction to writing educational textbooks. Wink

Someone who has read the story and assignments as closely as you have has probably internalized enough knowledge to not need the guide, if ever in doubt just ask yourself, "What would Little Miss Shawna do?"

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