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That moment
(01-13-2018, 11:56 AM)sissysoft Wrote: Thank you for posing this question, Ms Jessie.  

For me it was very early in life, at Primary School, as it's called here in Australia.  Around the ages of 5 to 9.  Exclusively Female teachers, including nuns and lay teachers.  Strict discipline was applied at all times.  Taught me the value of bowing to Femme superiority.  And certainty.  And hence, security.  

BTW, this was in the late 1960s and early 70s, when corporal punishment was still allowable in local schools.

That is awesome! I know a lot of my girlfriends and I knew it when we were teens, but unfortunately it is taboo to talk about in public. I think that a lot of males have trouble accepting second place. This has caused most of society to accept equality. Gross
I think I always felt submissive and inferior to women, growing up in a female dominated environment with girly girl sisters and an ultra feminine mother. I was always small built and wore my hair long, at mother's bequest. It wasn't until I was 17, as a senior in high school, did the girl in me come out. My school had a fund raiser where the seniors were put on auction for sophomores and juniors to bid on. A very attractive and popular junior girl won my auction. 

She bid on me for the sole purpose of making me dress as a girl for senior slave day. Everyone was shocked, but not so surprised. at how pretty she made me. She bossed me around all day and even had me painting her toenails that night, while she talked on the phone with a guy she was planning on going out on a date with.

That was the day that changed me forever.
(01-16-2018, 02:46 PM)Ali Wrote: For me there wasn’t a single moment. I was brought up by a quite strict and domineering mother, who would punish me by making me wear my little sister’s clothes, sometimes even nappies. So for as long as I can remember I had this strong female authority figure who pretty much controlled my life. She even decided whether I was to be a boy, or a girl, or a baby.

In later life I sought out other strong women, and men too, and delighted in being entirely submissive to their every whim.

I think my experience mirrors yours Ali. Strict mother, aunt and grandmother taking charge from an early age, resulted in my seeking out (and being attracted to) older, authoritative women and men. I always felt safe under their charge, and naturally submissive to their needs.

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