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Put back into nappies
Hiya Baby Stephanie!

How did your sister feel about being put back into nappies when she was nine years old? And what made her want to take her nappy off and put it on you?

I was often put back into nappies as a punishment when I was a child. Although my little sister (Lucy is two years younger than me) often saw me having my nappy changed or put on, she was never involved in actually putting my nappy on me.
Hi Ali

My sister was a bedwetter from babyhood and never really mastered keeping her bed dry.

Mum used to put a rubber sheet on her bed and coped with it that way. When we were younger and slept in the same bedroom I always remember the room smelling of urine.

That was all she did until one day coming home from the shops she found a paper bag containing a pair of plastic baby knickers that a lady must have accidentally dropped. Mum discussed the idea of putting Christine in them with my aunt and so a few nights later she was dressed in them for bed but WITHOUT a nappy for some strange reason.

When I came in from playing, Mum told me what she had done and I couldn't wait to get to bed and see my sister in them. I think I was about 10 years old at the time and my sister would have been 7.

I asked Christine what they felt like and she told me they made her feel really babyish, so I asked her if I could try them on, which she agreed to, but told me she had already wet them. Normally I would have been put off but my desire to wear them was so intense that I tried them anyway and knew from the moment they touched my genitals that I would probably want to wear them forever.

The rubbers ripped after about a week or so and then got thrown out, without Mum replacing them, so the moment was gone.

Later when we stayed with foster parents (my Mum was ill in hospital for 3 months), my foster mother lost patience with Christine and after much threatening to nappy her, she finally did it. There were a few children staying at her house and about a week later we had a change round and I found Christine and I sharing a room again.

She knew about my love of nappies and was quite happy to pin her nappy on me. Looking back she did a decent job of it considering she was only 9 years old. My regret was having to put them back on her before we went to sleep as she would have woken in a wet bed and I would have been wearing her dry nappies !!

She was subjected to lots of humiliation but never gave me away to anyone about my love of being babied, although looking back now, I sometimes wish she had to find out what would have awaited me.

I really enjoy your accounts of being babied (we have corresponded privately on this), and wish it could have happened to me, but as you very often point out, the reality is far different to the fantasy, although the idea of sitting on Mummy's knee as a teenager in nappies, frilly baby knickers and a dress, whilst being bottle fed would have me cumming over and over again.

Well done Ali for your massive contribution to this site, your material and stories are fabulous


Baby Stephanie
Thank you, baby Stephanie, that's very kind of you.

It must have been tough being moved to foster parents while your mother was ill. I wonder if that played a part in your sister wetting herself? It must also have been very tough for her with the other kids knowing she got put back into nappies at night.

I know I got a terrible teasing from kids when they saw me with a nappy on, and of course the word spread like wildfire that I still got put into nappies.
Nappy punishment was a big part of my life between the ages of 4 & 10. Because I was older than average when I potty trained my parents became accustomed to using pull up nappies as a punishment. If they felt I had been badly behaved during a particular day, I would get 14 hours in bed wearing a Disney patterned nappy or pull up. 
I would have to drink six glasses of water before going to bed just to ensure that I thoroughly wet my nappy. I was usually soaked within half an hour and after that there was a half an hour race to get to sleep because once the urine went cold it was awful. Two particular instances stick in my mind

The time period was typically 6pm to 8am. This one time when I was nine I woke up at 1am with really bad stomach cramp. After another half an hour I finally gave into the inevitable and had to mess my nappy. Having to lay in a messy nappy for six and a half hours is not fun I can assure you. What’s worse, about 5am I finally drifted off to sleep which meant that rolled onto my back and squidged onto my mess.

The other time we had had a row before a three hour journey on holiday. This was about when I was eight. I was put into the thickest nappies you have ever seen and had to drink a full six pack of fizzy drink over 2 hours. The subsequent three hours my bladder did not stop. What’s more, we arrived on holiday at 2pm and I had to stay in the same nappy until 6pm that evening.

It mostly stopped after I turned 10 - that was until I was 14. About a month before we were due to go on holiday I was caught smoking with friends. She flipped her lid and made it clear what she had planned. I didn’t use a single toilet for a full two weeks and whilst I could wear trunks, shorts etc. I always had a nappy on underneath. I had to say when I was wet or dirty and a one hour alarm would be set. Only once I had sat in my urine or faeces for an hour would I be changed. And the same happened at bed time as had happened before; I had to drink two cans of coke each hour for three hours before bed to ensure I had to wake up around five times to wet every night.

This became so routine that after we got home from holiday, I actually wet the bed for real for the first three nights.
In some ways that must have been worse - having to be put back into nappies for what your mother said were just practical purposes, like it's somehow normal for a sixteen year old boy to be put back into nappies.

But the fact that she told you that you were now 'the baby of the family' I think shows she had an idea of how humiliating it is.

My mother put me back into nappies and baby knickers until I left home, and I've never forgotten how humiliating that was, especially when my little sister, and even some of her friends, saw me wearing them.
I’ll tell you what, if ever there was a benefit to nappy punishment (hard to conceive of I know) it is evident tonight. After a night on the town with the airline girls, instead of spending half the night getting up to use the toilet, I can go to sleep and just wet my nappies as I need to. As I am back in the air come morning for the long flight home, a good night’s sleep is particularly required.
(03-30-2017, 07:33 PM)Baby Martina Wrote:
(10-13-2016, 02:32 PM)Wendy Jane Wrote: I was never punished this way but I know of two males and one female who were. The males were 16 and 18 and the female 22 and all were punished by their mothers. They were put back into disposable nappies and frilly plastic knickers which they had to wear under their normal clothes when outside and with baby dresses and other baby accessories when at home. They had to wet although they were allowed a potty to avoid soiling. They were also made to suck a dummy around the home.

The 18 year old male and the female had their nappies changed in front of others including siblings. Sometimes their nappy was changed by someone younger than themselves which must have been very humiliating although this was always done indoors and never in public.

These were real punishments and were imposed to cut them down to size which they must certainly have done. Usually they had to wear nappies and baby clothes at weekends but the female wore them continuously for almost a year. Her nappy and frilly plastic knickers were locked in place and could not be removed and were successful imposed to stop her having sex with boys as her mother wanted her to remain a virgin.

Although this is a very extreme punishment I believe it does happen. I think that for serious offences and with the right type of person it can improve behaviour considerably. However, parents, spouses, and others who are considering using this punishment should think carefully beforehand.

Wendy Jane

Hi. Really interesting. I'm 45 and still punished by nappies and fully baby attire by my mother and my wife. My sister wore nappies to 19. Female wore them to 22 and her brother is 33 and still wears them because he lives at home.
It is interesting how that seems to happen. My sister and I had undergone petticoat and nappy discipline for a few times over the years but she seemed to want rid. While she wouldn’t see her kin out on the street I remember well being sat down on the day after my 18th birthday to be told that I was to be subject to a full time regime. I would have to undertake skirt / secretary punishment during the day (in other words I would have to wear pencil skirts, high heels and makeup with a hair bun hairstyle) every day and then nappy punishment at night.

My mum had a particularly harsh method of nappy punishment whereby she made us drink six drinks of diuretic fizzy drinks in the hours before I went to bed so not only did I have to wear nappies to bed for three months straight but I had to go to sleep in wet nappies for three months straight.

As for the following morning, my mum would always insist that I Started the day as a secretary. One particular day I had a Housing appointment at 10am and a JobCentre Appointment at 2pm. I had to get up at 7am, spend an hour doing my makeup, donning underwear heels, skirt and blouse and putting my hair into a bun. After eating breakfast I had to go upstairs and undo my feminisation in time for the appointment. 

Getting back from the appointment at 11am I had to redo my makeup, don my skirt, heels etc so that I could have lunch as a secretary before after lunch defeminising myself for the JobCentre appointment in the afternoon. 

By the end of the day my hair had been up in three separate buns, my face taken on three sets of makeup and I had had to mince around in my skirts and heels on three occasions.

As for how nappy punishment has affected me going forwards, I am now a flight attendant and find the immensely practical for long haul flight (to the extent that my boss, Natasha has just made them mandatory for us for all flights over six hours as it promotes better hygiene). In a way doing the job I am doing I am still petticoated to an extent having to a pencil skirt every day (and on completion of probation having to raise the hem several inches, full makeup, high heels, hair bun and even false nails being regulated. 

My other colleagues were unsure about nappies to begin with but Natasha did a demonstration flight earlier this week prior to a vote where we all had to drink copious amounts of water as a one off so that we could make an informed decision (in other words that we had all used our nappies thoroughly)  at the end. Because of the hygiene issues involved in using nappies in the sky it was decided that the wet feeling was little more than a mild irritation (and the wearing of nappies is apparently already far more common than you would expect long haul)

And breathe 

So yeah, I had to wear nappies for several months straight which led to me becoming more comfortable with them. My sister eventually had the same conversation with my mother but it took her a full year to move out and as a die hard tomboy she detested having to mince around as a secretary every day for a full year maybe more than I did and obviously had to spend a year wearing wet nappies to bed every night.

Three months before she got moved out she underwent the most effective adult nappy punishment I have witnessed when my mum got fed up and made my sister wear nappies full time under her pencil skirt. For those last three months she never saw a toilet and whilst dressed as a quite attractive secretary on the outside had to adopt infantile toileting techniques (wetting and messing herself) underneath.

That concludes may essay Heart 

Thanks, GirlyGirl, that's a fascinating insight.

Do you and your fellow hosties wear proper nappies, or pull-ups?

One thing I find about wearing pull-ups under my skirt is that they do smooth out my little bumps (and they are admittedly very little). They also provide a little bulk to my bottom, which gives me a somewhat more feminine shape, especially if I'm wearing a tight skirt. I've also started wearing a pair of (horribly named) 'control panties' over my pull ups. They not only help keep my tights in place, but also hold my pull-ups nice and close to my bottom. The effect is that my bum looks smoother and more feminine.
(02-26-2020, 09:49 PM)Ali Wrote: Thanks, GirlyGirl, that's a fascinating insight.

Do you and your fellow hosties wear proper nappies, or pull-ups?

One thing I find about wearing pull-ups under my skirt is that they do smooth out my little bumps (and they are admittedly very little). They also provide a little bulk to my bottom, which gives me a somewhat more feminine shape, especially if I'm wearing a tight skirt. I've also started wearing a pair of (horribly named) 'control panties' over my pull ups. They not only help keep my tights in place, but also hold my pull-ups nice and close to my bottom. The effect is that my bum looks smoother and more feminine.
Just pull-ups usually

We wear them on long haul flights because frankly we have seen what some of our ‘guests’ get up to and a couple of hours in a wet pull-up is frankly better than sharing the same toilet space.

It was a bit un-nerving at first prancing round in a hostess uniform but wearing such an infantile garment underneath (but it is apparently a lot more common than is given credit for though understandably not advertised).

The most amusing part is that rare event when a passenger thinks the baby in the next row has just used their nappy but you know that it is really because you have just wet yourself.

I have devised other means of staying flat as a result of having to do so full time but you are right, nappies are definitely of assistance there too.
Hi. My wife found out that i liked to wear plastic pants so said i no longer had to hide them if i also wore something she liked so i agreed thinking i would be wearing my rubbers around the house at will.
10 days later she presented me with a big bag of nappies.
I was put back into nappies several years ago in my mid fifties. I now wear nappies and rubber pants 24/7.

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