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Put back into nappies
Perhaps the most shameful thing I ever experienced was being put back into nappies. 

My mother had been punishing me by making me wear my little sister's clothes, including her panties, for a little while when she must have decided that something further was required. I seem to remember her saying words to the effect of "If you act like a baby then I shall treat you like one", although this may well be something I remember from much later. 

Whatever it was the instigated it, I remember finding myself naked on my bed, with my mother folding a big terry nappy into shape before slipping it under my bottom. After a thorough sprinkling with baby powder she pulled the nappy tight up between my legs and pinned it in place. I couldn't get my legs together, the nappy was so bulky, and I remember feeling very babyish and thoroughly ashamed. 

It got worse though. Not only had she got me a nappy, but plastic baby pants too. They were white, and very crinkly. And very tight around my legs and waist. When my nappy punishment was finally over I always had bright red marks round my thighs and waist. 

I knew my trousers wouldn't fit over my nappy, so I'd have to waddle round the house in just my nappy, plastics and a t-shirt. My little sister found it hilarious. 

In time my mother bought or made other babyish clothes for me. The humiliation of being made to wear a little baby dress that was too short to cover the frilly baby knickers I'd been put into has stayed with me forever.
i was put back into nAPPIEs WHEN I WAS seven years old, and am still in nappies and plastic baby pants even now
Every big babies dream to be forced back into nappies and plastic panties
There's big difference, though, of fantasising about being put into nappies, and it actually happening. The reality is SO shameful.
I have MS with increasing pee problems. I have prescribed nappy pants and regular visits from the continence nurse. I like to wear the old fashioned hospital rubbers like I remember as a boy from the 1950s. Very thick shiny red rubber with extra tight leg and waist elastic. These are very noisy to wear and have a very strong rubber smell. The continence nurse is a very bossy middle aged woman, and she lies me on my back to have my pants pulled down for the bladder scanner. I decided to wear my rubbers and also have a red rubber sheet on my bed for her next visit. It was an interesting experience!
I had finally stopped wetting the bed when I was 10 years old. It was a couple of months after I had stopped and I was out playing with my friends all day. I really need to pee and did not want to stop playing. Well it got so bad I finally started to run home and I started to pee. I completely soaked my shorts and it ran down my legs and soaked my socks and shoes. I thought I could sneak in the house go down into the basement and change cloths without anyone seeing me. Well I was wrong, my mother was coming out the back door as I was trying to go in. She yelled at me , called me a baby and told me to get into the bathroom to clean up. She took my wet clothes off and told me to get into the bath tub and take a bath. She left with my wet clothes and returned a few minutes later with my old cloth diapers and plastic pants. She told me I guess you still can't control yourself and need to wear diapers again. I was diapered and made to stay in the house the rest of the day.
Gosh. Ten is really old to still need nappies. Did you have to wear them all the time, or just at night?

Did you get put into your nappies even when you were staying away from home? I still vividly recall the humiliation of going to stay with friends and my mother announcing it was time for me to have my nappies on an hour or so before bedtime.
Ali, I was in and out of diapers myself for a lot of years and am back in them now full time. I was diapered nightly until about ten for my bedwetting and it stopped mainly because I had outgrown the disposable diapers my mother used on me. At eight, I was back in diapers during the day for several months because I was having trouble controlling things, doctors chalked it up to a lot of changes in my life (new school, mom remarrying, moved house twice).

I think the most embarrassing point for me with diapers was when I was sixteen and we had moved across the state, I was at a new school, and started having problems wetting the bed again. My mother took me to the doctor for it and he said it was something that could happen with boys my age and I would outgrow it eventually, there was little they could do in the meantime. My mother asked him directly about putting me in diapers, and he just said it would keep the sheets dry. She took me straight to the store after that appointment and bought me adult size diapers.
I still got put back into nappies at sixteen too. Humiliating, isn't it?

Did you have to wear baby knickers too, like I did?
Definitely rough to be told at sixteen to lay down so your mother can put a diaper on you for bed. Mom just sent me to bed wearing a nightie and diaper, nothing over the diaper.

It didn't seem like she was trying to make me feel babyish, but was more like this was how the problem would be dealt with. It didn't make it easier to think about how old I was and yet I was wearing a diaper. Mom did seem to try to embarrass me some with it all; she did talk multiple times about how I was the 'baby' of the family, though she hadn't expected it would mean I would be in diapers still. Of course, this is the same woman who commented when she bought me my first bras that she hadn't figured she'd be helping me with my first training bras like she had with the other girls.

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