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Poor experience shoppping for a maid's unifirm
I should post my experience with Birchplace.

Birchplace is the same as the advertiser on the front page of the monthly 'zine. Different front end, but same company

I ordered a French maid's uniform in Unisex Extra Large. I'm 5' 10", 205 lbs. I received timely announcements of  progress and an accurate estimate on delivery time. The uniform arrived on time and was very well made.

However, it was woefully too small. I could not put it on. I would have burst the seams. The garment fit two petite women, 5' 2" to 5' 4" and around 110 lbs.

I sent Nicky at Birchplace pictures of women wearing the dress and of a tape measure on various measurements. She wrote back that I'd received a Unisex Extra Large. (My seamstress friend looked at the garment dubiously and said, "I don't think it's an extra large anything.")

I'm friends with, where Birchplace advertises. She and Nicky are friends. Helga intervened on my behalf, but Nicky insisted she'd sent me a Unisex Extra Large. She never acknowledged any of the photos or measurements I sent nor alluded to them in any way. It was a total stonewall and absolutely unprofessional.

Birchplace has a size chart, but also an area where you can get an assistant to take several detailed measurements (ankles, wrists and more). I hadn't seen this when I ordered or I would have been used it. I strongly recommend "Buyer Beware" and the detailed measurements if you choose to use Birchplace.

If you're interested enough, PM me and I'll send you my old files on this.
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micheleFFS  Cool
That's so annoying, isn't it?

Birchplace must know there's a problem. I don't understand why they wouldn't correct it.

But I am intrigued about you getting two women to model it. What did you tell them? Did you admit it was for you?!
Oh, yes, one was my mistress at the time and the other was my upstairs tenant, both beauties to whom I'm out. When I'm more awake, I'll look for the picture of my tenant in the uniform.
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micheleFFS  Cool
How lovely! It's so nice to be able to relax and be yourself with friends and neighbours.

Most of my friends know I wear female clothes, and regularly see me so dressed, but only a few know about my fantasy clothes.
I hope Auntie Helga and pay attention to this.  I know she's all over proper sissy attire, so an advertiser who makes life difficult for me as a sissy when all I want is to is spend money and acquire the wardrobe I need as a sissy is also making things complicated for my superiors who require it.
Auntie Helga tried pretty hard to make my point, but to no avail. Nicky was unreasonable and unprofessional.
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micheleFFS  Cool

really new to this 62 and divorced, discovering that I really need to re enact memories of my youth...I hated these then, but was always the center of attention...hope to make a friend here

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Thats too bad that you had a bad experience with birchplace. I have bought several items from there and have been very happy with what i have received. I think that for any future shoppers who like what they see at birchplace (they do have some incredibly cute and very sissy designs) keep in mind that they are a China based store, so their idea of a "small" is "asian small". Just look at the models on the site, they are all so tiny.

Just be sure to measure yourself before buying anything, also every time i have bought something from there i always reply to Nikki with my specific measurements.
Maybe you should try Ready2Role she make to order not cheap but worth it have a look at

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