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Netball .
I always find a glimpse of knickers to be much more humiliating than full exposure.

If you’re dressed in just a vest and knickers you know that everyone will see them - there is no hope or hiding the fact that you’ve been made to wear girls’ underwear.

But if you’ve been put into a vest, or maybe a little white sports bra, and a pair of knickers, but they’re covered up by a white aertex blouse, a pair of tights and a little netball skirt then you hope against hope that although everyone can see you’ve been dressed as a girl, you MAY have been spared the added humiliation of having to wear girls’ underwear.

And that hope lingers on as you can’t quite tell whether someone staring at your shoulder blades may just be staring at nothing, or has she seen your bra strap? And as she follows you up some stairs is she averting her gaze from your little skirt? Or can she see your knickers up under your skirt through your tights? Either way, you can’t ask, because that would certainly give the game away. So you have to go along pretending you’re not wearing a bra and knickers, until she says something like “those are pretty knickers you have on”, or “what a pretty little bra!”, and then you know all hope of avoiding abject humiliation has been dashed.
Ali... the movement towards the FLR Era is so set in motion that our subordinate male girl sex should and MUST begin to focus not so much on our embarrassment for having our prior false 'masculininity'  taken away but for finding means of fulfilling demands and service to our Female Masters.    If our pathetic sex continues to whimper about our lost importance we shall only become increasingly pathetic and useless to WOMANITY - and ourselves more psychologically capable of dealing with our inferiority. 

Yes the male girl ego is crushed, shall be crushed yet far more and so we are doomed so for all time hence... and YES Female empowerment, pride, mirth, and joy at our very increasingly insignificant being shall continually be exercised and increased.   But this is the true reality of the Sexual Hierarchy that is being inevitably realized.   Females at last discovering Who THEY were meant to be shall NEVER again allow Themselves to be other than rightful rulers over Their meager male counterparts.    
Oliver feels shy as he poses for the camera after being accepted as the first boy in the school to join the netball team. 

Tiffany that’s a great caption, love the picture
(10-25-2020, 11:26 AM)afp Wrote: Tiffany that’s a great caption, love the picture

Thank you afp. I've got many more which I hope to be posting.
I’m sure he’ll feel a lot more comfortable by the time it comes time for the next photo.
(10-25-2020, 11:26 AM)afp Wrote: Tiffany that’s a great caption, love the picture

Thanks afp. there's a lot more to come.

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