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Netball .
Hello Babylock,

and thank you so much for the two wonderful photos of the front and back of a bottle green netball skirt...

it is so pretty, i do love pleats... it is also the school colour of my infants and junior schools many, many years ago now... but i don't recall any girls back then wearing one like it sadly...
‚̧ cynthia sissyfrills ‚̧
Really, Cynthia? That’s exactly what the girls at my and my sister’s school used to wear.

Many was the evening I spent wearing my sister’s netball skirt.
Those netball skirts - damn neat waist fastening - a sliding tab on a wrap skirt adjusting for up to 3 inches of waist room.
Comes in more than the usual bottle green color - the highlight is the micro mini knife pleats - with certain athletic motions
the back field comes to a life of its own direction. Typically worn just a tad near tight fitting a spoiler for knicker exposition
but still yet the hem length is short enough to get the attention - best if a frilly ruffled bum lace knicker panty is worn -
those are after all supposed to be tantalizingly displayed.
Colors the standard green - white - black - red - blue - purple and various tartan designs.
I have the red - navy blue - purple - white and a recently introduced tartan image:

Hello Ali,

and thank you for your kind reply...

Yes, really... but then there is 30-years age difference between us..!

Where i lived i don't think any junior school Girls played netball... that wasn't played by the Girls until they were in senior school... so, 11-years old and over... so i did get to see many worn by the Girls then..! And my older Sister had a netball skirt... it was maroon... and Her school knickers were maroon also that were worn under... way back in the 60s a lot of Girls shortened Their skirts way above Their knees... for netball, for school and going out... but of course, the miniskirt was the fashion back then...

But how lovely that the Girls at the schools you and your Sister attended wore such lovely netball skirts...

And how lucky you were to get to wear your Sister's netball skirt... or back then was it just a punishment and a humiliation to have to do so..?
‚̧ cynthia sissyfrills ‚̧
Yes, of course, Cynthia. How silly of me!

It was a punishment being made to wear Lucy’s netball skirt. I was often made to wear her school uniform, and often it was with her netball skirt rather than one of her proper school skirts.
Hello again Ali,

and thank you once more for your kind reply...

aaaawwww... you weren't to know i'm sure... so not silly at all...

aahh so it was a punishment being made to wear your Sister Lucy's netball skirt... i bet you looked so very cute in Her schoolgirl uniform even if it was with the netball skirt rather than the regulation school skirt... the netball skirt being so much shorter i expect to make it more humiliating for you...
‚̧ cynthia sissyfrills ‚̧
Yes, the netball skirt was more humiliating than a standard school skirt because it was so much shorter. It was almost impossible to hide my knickers from view when I bent over or sat down. Even when I was wearing tights as well it still made me feel much more exposed.
Hello again dear Ali,

my sincere apologies for taking so very long to reply to your very kind and lovely reply...

i can imagine that you having to wear your Sister Lucy's very short netball skirt was so very humiliating for you... but i expect Mummy's intention was that your pretty sissy knickers would be on show always when you sat down or bent over... and even if Mummy decided you were to wear tights the exposure of your knickers would remain but how delightful that you felt even more exposed when doing so...
‚̧ cynthia sissyfrills ‚̧
The thing with tights, especially woollen or coloured opaque tights, is that in theory they cover your knickers, so no-one can see them.

But if you've been made, as I often was, to wear little white cotton knickers, like my sister wore to school, under the tights then they're still very much visible through the material of the tights.

So to hide my knickers I had the protection of the netball skirt - but it was too short to be sure of always covering my bum, and my tights, but my knickers could been seen through them.

In many ways the risk of giving someone a glimpse of my knickers when they were supposedly hidden was more humiliating than if I'd been made to wear just knickers and a vest, with no attempt to hide them.
(01-17-2019, 11:30 PM)whyguys Wrote: Oh apologies... we male girls should never have thought we ever could play sports like our Female Masters.  Please, please don't hurt or make fun of us anymore.... pretty please... We'll be good little spectators and be femininely amazed at all the Women's teams skills... and cheer You ALL ON as we were meant to.  You are So strong and powerful... *sigh*

We could start a cheer leading our regulsation matching skirts, white socks and canvas sneakers!

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