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Netball .
The only gurl in the girls netball team .

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Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Gee somehow that wasn't the Netball I was expecting.
Sort of visualize the pleated tartan skirts worn while playing Netball or Lacrosse.

BUT never the less a very enjoyable experience - maybe not for him !
Interesting what develops as in the background I see a person of authority entering on the scene !
Hummm -
Girls can be little minxes!

I’m not surprised they want to find out if the poor boy has been made to wear panties under his gym knickers. And I can’t imagine the teacher giving them too hard a time over it. After all, she was probably wondering the same thing!
Always loved this drawing, initially I just thought the girls were 'bullying' the poor sissy boy but when you actually look at the picture you can see it's set in a changing room and the Superiors themselves are in various states of undress, it's obvious that this femaleboy was being reluctant to undress in front of his Superiors and they have taken matters into their own hands (literally, lol).

To be fair he shouldn't be so reluctant those are really cute panties, lol
(12-12-2017, 11:00 PM)Bill Wrote: The only gurl in the girls netball team .

Perhaps the young Female Athletes were totally dismayed at how poorly male girls play.

And/or, they thought he should also be wearing to further differentiate him from the real Female players  -- something like  NET STOCKINGS as well!
Wouldn’t that be fun - girly boys not only having to wear little skirts and gym knickers, but fishnets as well!
(03-29-2018, 07:58 AM)Ali Wrote: Wouldn’t that be fun - girly boys not only having to wear little skirts and gym knickers, but fishnets as well!

Does seem it should be one of the next evolutionary fashion steps for the increasingly feminine male girl sex!
At least he was found to be wearing sensible full-cut knickers in the prettiest shade of pink so perfect for sissy boys, with the embellishment of either a pretty bow or it has been embroidered on; whichever it just adds to how wonderfully girly they are. Also, the young lady's pale yellow knickers, besutifully adorned with the pal eblu ebutterfly; with the scalloped lacy detail to the leghole matching that colour.

Have fun, take care

cynthia sissyfrills xx
❤ cynthia sissyfrills ❤
I wonder if the rule was that they all had to wear yellow knickers, and the girls were showing the teacher that the boy had broken the school dress rules?

Imagine that - being sent to school in girls school uniform, with a girl’s PE kit to wear, including gym knickers and pink panties, and STILL finding yourself across the teacher’s lap for a spanking because your panties are the wrong colour!
That could so well be true Ali... and if so then he certainly has broken a school rule... even more so being a sissy...

Oohh the irony... being sent in the correct full schoolgirl uniform, apart from his pink knickers, and with the correct PE kit, both of which his Mummy had laid out for him at home to pack in his satchel, and then still finding himself over his Teacher's lap for a spanking...

i'm sure those girls very much enjoyed showing his Teacher that he was wearing the wrong colour schoolgirl knickers... and much amused watching as his bottom was turned the colour of his pink knickers..!
❤ cynthia sissyfrills ❤

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