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calgary sissy: Looking for mistress, masters and sissy friends
effeminate male in calgary, long hair long nails, waitress's have been known to mistake me for a "miss"  especially from the backside, sometimes its annoying, sometimes i giggle.

I've had my chastity  on about 1 hr a day for almost a year, moved up to 3 hrs to get all my online work done.

I work part time
I am not into adult baby/child type roleplay but am very into nursing a lovely lactating lady.

my lack of teeth has a few perks, but in public it's not noticable.
I'm still shy and straight acting in public. not always nice..

I see myself as what the net calls a "gender f*ck"
update: GF left month ago, finally. I was helping her out for 3 yrs through her depression, but felt to guilty to leave..
chastity: from cb6000s to holy trainer to .. panty girdle, holds me up inside, and i never get erect..

so shy I cancelled both online started dates in last 2 weeks, eep..
Update: Locktober was..interesting, locked and alone.

undercarraige still hurts from using rings - not too tight, but chaffing.

not ready to host or dress up quite yet.. suggestions?

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