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Matron Domination
Timmy is the helpless toy of the garden club.

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Tom Lott
very attractive smooth slippery satin and seeing the bra print through is exciting!
(12-09-2017, 04:37 PM)jkd3940 Wrote: Timmy is the helpless toy of the garden club.

This art looks like Castre's work. I just love the gleaming satin blouses!
(12-09-2017, 04:37 PM)jkd3940 Wrote: Timmy is the helpless toy of the garden club.

lovely drawing
Looks like sissy is in for a long night of service, humiliation and inevitably a series of spankings. Good!
what a lucky little petticoat sissy boi ! look at the silky pussybow blouse and allurements he has been placed in..such a delicious delight
(12-09-2017, 04:37 PM)jkd3940 Wrote: Timmy is the helpless toy of the garden club.

Thank you for one of my all time favorites! Covers my sissy needs pretty well!
Such a wonderful image from Castre. I particularly like the way he captures the sternness of the matrons through both their expressions and strict body language. Only the younger lady to the right seems to have any softness in her attitude. The matrons themselves know only too well that laxity has no place in educating the young.
I know the caption says that “Timmy is the helpless toy of the Garden Club”. But I should be so lucky to be that helpless. I would cherish any opportunity to be in the company of so many beautiful and authoritative ladies - and Timmy’s dress is fabulous ❤️
I'm not a fan of Castre's work due to their choice of featuring pretty much exclusively over-the-hill men and women in their scenarios. The younger sissy is a step in the right direction, but the matronly/elderly women are still a turn-off for me. Sorry if that sounds ageist. YMMV.
I have read this site for many years, telling myself that I would register one of these days.
Today is that day. While I plan to participate ongoing, this first post is very important to me.
I am 67 years old, married for 48 years to the same lady, and I had fetishes before I had any knowledge about such.
My wife and I have grown up together and she has embraced and facilitated my peculiarities both on a physical level and as simply “pillow talk”.
During my lifetime I have seen political correctness take over the culture. I get it. I honor the reasons behind the feelings.
Whether I like et al is my personal choice just as it is your choice. What I would not do is disparage the element publicly on the basis that they are “over the hill”.
While you, in your virility, youth, and belief that you are one of the “beautiful people”, your youth, like mine, is just passing by.
Living life lends many experiences to our memories. Likewise we all take lessons with us as we progress. What does not change is WHO WE ARE.
Look at me, a balding guy with a beautiful wife and a lot of skills, and you would never believe that I am a sexual being with so many inside jokes with my wife that began in 1970.
I should like to give you the opportunity to restate your recent message in a positive way or simply ask people herein to disregard it.
I also get it that young people have a difficult time thinking of older people as sexual beings. I thought our generation had invented sex. I thought kink, BDSM, and sissy predilections were brand new manifestations. I was fortunate to accidentally learn that neither my parents nor grandparents were as square as Ithought them to be.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, my first post.
Salon Slave . . . Of course there is a story behind that moniker.

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