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First Woman's Bra
Once I had gotten used to wearing a training bra that wasn't more of a tee shirt and actually had cups, I realized that I really enjoyed wearing it.   Naturally, I started to grow as I got older and the training bras no longer fit.   Mother surprised me by saying that I was getting to be a big girl now and it was time to graduate into a woman's bra.   This was in the late 1960's and she took me downtown to the local department store to pick one out.   This was just before the big box stores like Walmart appeared and to shop you used the local mom and pop stores.  Anyway,  my hair had grown out nicely and she had adorned it with a pink ribbon on each side of my head, and I was dressed in a white jumper - by then, most of the adults knew about my story - and in we went.  I can tell you that I was very nervous since it was my first time dressed as a girl outside of my neighborhood.  Funny that most people never seemed to notice or pay much attention.  

The sales lady, whom she had gone to school with, showed us a selection of different bras, and I was excited to see some very lacy numbers in different colors.  Mother tended to be conservative in her dress, so she picked out a plain white one that matched hers pretty closely.  Into the fitting room, I went and put it on and came out for them to both see.  It was approved, mother purchased it and I proudly wore it home.   I was a big girl now and it was time to start talking about boys etc. 

Here is one that I remember being somewhat similar.

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