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How to Achieve Gender Role Reversal
(07-01-2020, 09:49 PM)tl17 Wrote: Oh i have  read it had love your idea. What I like about both is the boy is expected to act like a girl his age would. Which means if he is given the age of 3 he must do activities of a 3 yr old girl. If 16 he acts like a 16 yr old. He will see exactly what it is like to be a girl and become immersed in those activities
That’s the delightful contrast, tl17

Whilst in my method the guy has to fill nappies, skip and play hopscotch in floaty frocks, manage mini skirts, high heels, crimp and preen a full head of hair and fully paint his face everyday all before he ever  gets given his first pair of trousers (if he ever does), in your idea he gets to live with trainers, jeans, football and video games before suddenly having it all taken away.

I quite like the symmetry of a guy who was fighting and being generally badly behaved with his friends, suddenly has to go back to using high chairs, cots, car seats and wetting and messing nappies. A lot of ABDL enthusiasts struggle to bring themselves to mess themselves so to be told that you are required by law at that age to overcome your toilet training and use nappies like an infant (and that you wouldn’t get out of them until you had done so satisfactorily for at least a month you wouldn’t be allowed to graduate.

Then they would have the indignity of having to skip around in prissy dresses, play hopscotch, rope and clapping games. The desire here to comply would be in equal measure to avoid having to go back into their nappies again but also to be able to stop acting so prissy and girly.

Gradually, this would be replaced by more adult clothing, but of course the indignity then is that they have to emulate more and more by the week all the things they previously found attractive in females so they would have to plaster themselves with makeup, wear high heels and mini skirts and generally make themselves as marketable a female as they could. At a minimum two weeks per age, they could in theory be dressing their own actual age in female terms in the space of just nine months. Imagine having to compare your hem length and heel height with the very girls you had been attracted to but daring not, either for fear of being regressed to a previous stage or fear of not getting the reward.

Which brings us to what that reward should be. I have modelled my response on the basis that age is 16. When they get back to their age do they get to go back to being male and trying to date the females they were previously seeking skirt, heel and makeup advice from? Or have they sacrificed the right to that as a result of failing the original exam and have to graduate to a secretary role with pencil skirts?

After nine to eighteen months of being babyish, girlish and feminine in equal measure, I am not quite sure which would be worse.
You know what this is one part of the plan I did not think out. I mean maybe retaking the same test could make sense. I am open to suggestions though. I would also be willing to volunteer to be a test subject for my plan.
(07-02-2020, 10:48 AM)tl17 Wrote: You know what this is one part of the plan I did not think out. I mean maybe retaking the same test could make sense. I am open to suggestions though. I would also be willing to volunteer to be a test subject for my plan.

You’d certainly be feeling the pressure coming up to retaking the test (especially after months if not years of acting prissy and girly), you really wouldn’t want to be regressed back into nappies a second time. The wetting is more about the humiliation and you can overcome that relatively easily with the right attitude and whilst I can mess myself relatively easily now, it takes much longer to overcome the natural revulsion that it causes and the potty training in that aspect is much more difficult to fight.

As for what would happen when they reached their age parity level, I suppose a discussion would need to be had as to how many males society needed (and more to the point how many male roles we needed where Male apparel is essentialI would contest not many but it is as you say a matter for government). The answer to that is probably the answer as to whether they would get to reclaim masculinity having previously failed.
(07-23-2016, 09:53 PM)Ali Wrote: I'd love to live in a role reversed society. I feel much more meek and submissive when I'm in frillies and a skirt or dress.

It feels so right to submit to a forceful, powerful woman, especially if she laughs at me when she sees I'm wearing knickers under my skirt.

Starting to agree

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