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Bedroom punishment
Hi everyone.

There was an incident from my childhood which kind of puzzled me. My back-garden backs onto a Playing Field, and I remember one Summer playing with friends and enjoying the fine weather. It was late afternoon/early evening and my Dad called me to stop playing and come indoors. I didn't want to and kicked up a fuss. I won't say what misdemeanour I got up to, but I probably deserved a good thrashing.

My punishment was made to change into my pyjamas and go to bed. It was still light outside, but I knew that I had obey and go to bed. What surprised me, was that instead of being made to go to my own bedroom, I had to go to my Sister's. Soon I was laying in her bed with the curtains closed, surrounded by feminine objects in a bedroom with pink walls. I cannot remember my exact thoughts, but I did think it was a bit odd being put to bed in a girl's  bedroom. (It is a pity that I wasn't made to don female nightwear).

Despite my punishment,  I was allowed to take a box of my comics with me; a kind of concession that I wasn't normally that naughty, and that this was a "one-off".

Has anybody else had a similar experience? Huh
Sissy Leslie, no I haven't had a similar experience but I remember was little staying the night at my grandmothers and the spare room there was extremely girly. pink walls and satin bed sheets, pillows with lace edging. It was very embassing to me at the time! and made my tummy feel funny.

It sounds like being made to wear female nightwear would have been the perfect way to complete it! It sounds like a lovely feminizing experience though.
That’s a lovely punishment, Leslie. What did your sister think of her brother being put to bed in her bed?
(12-10-2017, 11:43 PM)Ali Wrote: That’s a lovely punishment, Leslie. What did your sister think of her brother being put to bed in her bed?

Hi Ali,

I can't remember exactly what my sister thought about it, but I think she was okay with my punishment. (Come to think of it, she may have been away at the time. It was such a long time ago that details are a bit obscure). Smile
My little sister didn’t like it when I was punished in her bedroom. She considered it, probably rightly, that her bedroom was her private space and that I should be there even as a punishment.

When my mother punished me by putting me into girls’ clothes I was often taken into Lucy’s room to be dressed. This made sense at first, because to start with it was Lucy’s clothes that I was put into. But later, when I’d been bought my own girly clothes, I was often still taken into Lucy’s room to be dressed.

Being spanked on my sister’s bed was always that bit more humiliating than being spanked on my own bed.
Je suis sous le charme de vos histoires, bientĂ´t, j'aimerais avoir le courage de raconter les miennes...
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