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Bra Discipline for Unruly Boys
(03-20-2018, 01:53 PM)SissysWife Wrote: [Image: 49786c5bc4a2de3224911736d947acff.jpg]
As a superior female I require my sissy in a bra as much as possible.  I prefer him in pretty soft cup "training" bras as I feel breasts are for women to have and sissy bois to adore!  An added benefit of the soft cups are the easy access to a sissy's pert little nipples for a mistress to tease and torment and pleasure letting the sissy learn what an erogenous zone and source of pleasure his nipples are.  I do not allow sissy to reject my access to his breasts at anytime............even in public.  It can be quite fun!

I could not agree more.  I find that wearing a bra has a far bigger impact on his attitude and psyche than any other sissy article.  He becomes so meek and mild and attentive and obeisant when wearing a bra in public even if no hint of it is showing......   I love it!

(03-23-2018, 04:43 PM)SissysWife Wrote:
(12-03-2017, 03:36 PM)Emily_Jane Wrote: Bras can and should be an important part of feminization. In many ways, the are even more powerful than panties because they are a girl specific item of underwear that has no boy equivalent. So what are you thoughts on disciplining a boy with a bra.For example:

1) Should he wear a bra at all times including under boy clothes
2) Should he wear a bra that is a exactly his size with just stretchy cups -- no real cup size
3) Should he wear a padded bra
4) Should he use breast forms -- especially when in boy clothes

Your thoughts

Emily Jane

We should keep our husbands and sons and bf's in bras as much as possible! 
Society however is not quite ready so we have to choose the times when it is safe..  After all we must keep them gainfully employed to keep us in the manner and style we so deserve. 
I have my hubby in the prettiest bras I can find that fit him as he is  Soft satiny cups are best for easy access to his nipples so you can tease and stimulate anytime you please.  He of course has learned to hook the hooks behind his back like a sissy should.  Always buy the matching panties when you can it is important that he "match" whenever possible..  be sure to have tops and shirts that are unisex for him to wear when possible and ones sheer enough to show his bra through when possible.
I love taking him out with visible bra lines or even having it show through his top when possible  same for his panties of course......
It very much alters his aura and attitude when wearing his bras and vastly improves behavior.  It is amazing the transformative power wearing a bra has on the male species..........
Highly recommend it!
I can't wait until we start seeing sissy section in Victoria's Secret and Nordstroms!  Imagine the fun that can be had there as sissy bois are fitted and having their first bras purchased.......  No bra ever sold without matching panties of course...!!   Photography available as a keepsake for sissy and his mistress!

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