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sissy french maid website
For the first time today, I have read fully the main petticoated page. Normally I just read the letters and look at the art work. On the page there is a link to a clothing/accessories website (I know you knew that already). Reading though the website I was like a little kid in a sweetshop. Some of my favourite items on the site are as follows;

Bitch Ankle Chain
Devil Paddle
4" Itsy Leather Stud Heels
Rebecca Lockable Satin Collar
Lockable 3" PVC Bell Collar
Leather 3" Posture Collar
Ailin PVC Party Dress
Andreia Mistress Dress
Fabien Satin And Lace Robe
Isidora Satin Nightslip
Boss Bitch Blouse
Boss Bitch Skirt
Natalya PVC Long Dress
Satin Long Skirt With Lace
Elegance Long Satin Skirt
Valentina Flowing Satin Skirt
Addison French Maid Uniform
Satin Victorian Maid / Molly Maids Cap
Satin Hobble Maid

There are many more things that I like, too many to list. I may have to start dropping some subtle hints!

Does anyone else have favourite items from this list that they would like to share?
Maitresse Yvette-Louise
Just as a start:

Plastic and Satin Worship Bloomers with hood
Kaci Plastic Bib
Large Wissie Plastic Bib
Plastic Hobble Maid
Hobble Pinafore
Parlour Pinafore
Strict Long Pinafore
Lolita Plastic Prissy Sissy Maid
PVC Nurse
PVC Matron Nurse Uniform
PVC Elegant French Maid
Leather Plug Hood
Leather Mouth Gag
Lockable Punishment Panties
PVC Oral Hood
PVC Chin & Mouth Hood

That should keep Santa busy for a while.
Happiest when locked into a PVC apron...
Oh my! I've just perused the site my self and I admit I'm nearly swooning with sissy desires! There are soooo many wonderful items here...I'll get back with you when I've caught my breath!

For now...the baby frilly sissy panties in pink caught my eye!

Thank you Maitresse for pointing out that which was under our noses...great catch!


sissy jamieanne

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