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Outside of That Lyrics
Listen while you read!
I've got the meanest man in the land
But his love is best, thick and grand
His kiss just lingers on my lips
And thrill me to my fingertips

People say I'm a fool
He's heartless and also cruel
But outside of that, he's all right with me
Outside of that, he's sweet as he can be

I love him as true as stars above
He beats me up but how he can love
I never loved like that since the day I was born


I said for fun, I don't want you no more
And when I said that, I made sweet papa sore
He blacked my eye, I couldn't see
Then he pawned the things he gave to me
But outside of that he's all right with me

I said for fun, I don't want you no more
And when I said that I made sweet papa sore
When he pawned my things, I said, "You're a dirty old thief"
Now, then he turned around and knocked out both of my teeth
Outside of that he's all right with me

Your obedient servant,

micheleFFS  Cool
For those down with love, 'one things sure there ain't no cure'

"Down with Love" by Gino Vannelli.....

This video belongs on this board somewhere:

Gino Vannelli - Black Cars (official Video Reworked)

Carnal Question - Gino Vannelli

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