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Dummy Discipline Digest!
I look forward to this special part of the December issue EVERY YEAR!  It was total coincidence that I'm working from home today and jus as I sat down at my desk I realized what day it was, booted up, (yelled at computer for going too slow today), browser fired up, bookmark to PDQ clicked, sissy squeeeeeee with happy clapping commenced!  I'm just glad mommy changed me before she left otherwise I would've had to clean the carpet!

I know we get to read a bunch of diaper discipline letters throughout the year but for some reason I just love reading them and, of course, this year's delivered the same outstanding diaper letters as we've come to expect.  I have to read them fast otherwise, well, I have to take breaks.  Now to go back for the reread!

Thank you to everyone for keeping this site awesome. I look forward to the first of every month and particularly in December because of this site!

Welp, I have uh,, work...


I always look forward to the Dummy Discipline Digest too.

I was punished as a child by being put back into nappies and baby knickers. At the time I felt utterly humiliated, and sure I was the only one who suffered such a punishment. It’s good to read stories of others who suffered similarly.
Heart Sugar and spice and all things nice Heart
Being new to the female dominant lifestyle I had never really heard about diaper discipline. After having been on this site for a while I am now very interested! I can't wait to read the stories. I know my chastity cage will be painful while reading though.

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