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Seduced at a wedding
Your mother told you that you'd be dressed as a bridesmaid for your cousin's wedding. Despite your trepidation you realise you have no choice but to try your best, and meekly accept being made to wear knickers, stockings, suspenders and a bra under your bridesmaid's dress.

Just when you think you've got away with it, one of the guests confronts you and takes you to her room.

"I could tell from the moment I laid eyes on you, sweetheart, that you're a sissy boy in a dress. Now let me see what's in your knickers..."

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"Let me see what's in your knickers"
That's is the principal question!!
Love this picture, the boy looks so cute and vulnerable, plus you just know he must be wearing his prettiest panties underneath that beautiful dress, no wonder she can't wait to see them (giggle).
I love the absolute role reversal of it. She’s in trousers, he’s in his dress. She’s in charge, and making the moves on him by slipping her hand up his dress and into his panties. And she’s the confident one, while he’s timidly wondering what the girl is going to do to him.
dlalex: Where did you live? I swear this sounds like the lady who ran the daycare I went to! dresses and diapers where her weapons of choice for me as well. now I need to patrol sites like this and talk to therapists when all else fails. the pics of younger gals diapering a young boy in a dress, is spot on to me...HD
(12-28-2017, 09:58 AM)Algoriano1 Wrote: "Let me see what's in your knickers"
That's is the principal question!!

Believe the answer the little ladylike male girl demurely gave was:

"OH  *SOB* just my very lovely feminine lace panties... and of course NOTHING of importance beneath them, Female Master *whimper*...
Here another versions of this wonderful art.

[Image: b28989eda73d8c1b67a6a471f322f911.jpg]
[Image: df0f02f5baf55e8f9a4c5efce870336f.jpg]

And here one caption.
[Image: 46e2437a00517de59aa13902d4799526.jpg]
Great picture story Alexvyaz, I am totally attracted to such a relationship just like a magnet. sometimes it is best for me to communicate such to my wife and then it may happen to me, or at least partially. From nancy

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