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Tasks to Enforce Role as a Girl
(07-17-2016, 02:12 PM)Gemma Wrote: I have Nancy Edwina, of course, doing all of the cleaning, washing, ironing and laborious cooking tasks,  One of the best ways of filling her time and enforcing her status has been hours and hours of needlework.  She has made and knitted all of her own school uniform and many items for her wardrobe should she complete school.  She has to embroider her name in all of her clothing.  She could not knit but now is very accomplished and has also learned how to crochet.  This has helped her to understand her status.  What other tasks do folks use to keep their naughty girls busy?

I think you're definitely doing a great job. Housework is very important, I would suggest you continue with this but perhaps taking some measures to make it a little more challenging. As she has to keep things clean, make an extra effort to be messy. For the laundry, make sure her clothes don't stay clean too long. Have some friends over for a food fight, that will have her cleaning and laundering to your heart's content. I'd also suggest getting rid of anything that automates these processes. Without a washing machine she'll have to hand wash everything, and why not!
I don't know if Nancy Edwina has a job, but if so, maybe it's time for a change. How about her own business? An Ironing service maybe! Make the prices ridiculously competitive, and that will keep her very busy. Offer pick up and drop off, and make her do this by public transport, and dressed in her uniform, or at least a pretty blouse and cardigan. Or it could be a more complete service, incorporating laundry and sewing alterations as well. Or maybe a sale girl at Dorothy Perkins? Or in a Local Yarn Store?
It's great that she spends time on her needlework, but try and get her into some clubs where she can be with ladies with similiar hobbies. And keep her embroidering her name on her clothes, it's important she feels ownership of her feminine self.
There are lots of things that can enforce her role as a girl. Subscription to needlework magazines at work is good. Membership of chick lit book clubs. Watching Chick flicks. Keep me informed of how it all goes...
Some excellent ideas for P.T (keep fit) but I would insist on proper clothing gym knickers vest and black school plimsolls would be in order

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