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Baby Bedtime
(12-24-2017, 01:51 PM)Glenda Wrote:
(12-22-2017, 10:33 PM)Nullababy Wrote: Hi,

here is another picture fitting to the subject. Babykins is sucking noisily on his big rubber nippled dummy while mommy prepares the little lamb for early baby bedtime.

These are super drawings, I have come across quite a few.

Sissy Babykins mother had decided he needed baby treatment and early bedtimes to rectify his wayward behaviour and had implemented a strict itinerary from which she allowed no deviation.
Babykins is wakened at 7am and released from his cot, his mother sold his car and his computer to pay for his baby equipment. His mother then secures him in his high chair, still wearing his nightie or baby pyjamas, in order to spoon feed him his breakfast of prunes mixed with All Bran and milk. Babykins has his nappy changed before being dressed in either, a romper suit or, if he is being taken out in his pushchair, a pretty party dress. Babykins must suck on his dummy at all times, At first it had to be tied into place but now Babykins knows he must suck on it obediently. Most of the time his hands are encased in mittens so that he cannot undo any buttons or straps and at 11 am he is put down for his morning nap. Lunch follows, usually pureed vegetables and another bottle of baby milk before his nappy is checked. If he has wet himself and not informed mummy he is spanked for being a naughty Babykins. After lunch, his mummy straps him into his pushchair and takes Babykins to the park, where they sometime feed the ducks or just sit while his mummy chats to her friends and explains why her 17 year old son is being babified. If the weather is inclement, Babykins will often be taken visiting, this is when his mummy dresses him in his most prettiest outfits. Mummy makes sure they are back home by 2.30, when Babykins is bathed and prepared for bed. He is pinned into a fluffy, white towelling, night time nappy and dressed in either, a pair of flannel footed jim-jams or a long cosy nightie.
Supper is at 3.30, this is when Melissa, his ex girlfriend usually arrives to help his mother. She feeds him more pureed vegetables and makes sure he drinks up all his sleepy time milk. Bedtime is at 3.50, Babykins is led upstairs and locked into his baby cot. Melissa or mummy read him a bedtime story and he is kissed night-night and left in his darkened room at 4pm.
Nighty-night Babykins.

should be me
All such wonderful stories and illustrations of sissy baby beddy byebye times with their feeds and dummy sucking before being put in their prettiest beddy byes outfits and put to bed for a nice long sleep so Mummy or Auntie, Granny or Girlfriend can have an enjoyable evening to themselves.

Thank you all for sharing

sissy cynthia xxx
‚̧ cynthia sissyfrills ‚̧

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