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Is it possible to regress back to a baby like state?
And of course being in nappies for a week (certainly in my case) brought with it a much bigger problem than wetting. After a period of time wetting did become to at least a limited extent a matter of routine but I never quite reached that stage with having to mess myself (and never really became much less disgusting an experience, either).
Yes, messing, or as my mother would put it “Ali, have you filled your nappy?” is a whole other level of humiliation.

I don’t talk about it much on the open forum, because I know some people find it really disgusting, but don’t mind chatting privately about it.
(07-16-2016, 12:14 PM)BebĂŞ Phillip Wrote: If someone was to be continuously dressed and treated as a baby, would they in time behave just as if they were a baby?

Always dressed in very thick nappies, plastic baby pants (to make them fully aware of so much bulk between their legs and the feel of the plastic between their inner thighs), rompers or footed sleepers. Bottle fed, spoon fed baby food in a highchair, playing with baby toys in a playpen, put down for naps in a cot and put to bed early in a nursery. Continuously told that he or she is now just a baby and will remain a baby.

To be fussed over by a loving Mummy or Daddy (for me it would have to be a mummy), spoilt and loved, being spoken to as if he or she was a real baby.

For me it would be a dream come true, I can think of nothing better than to be so treated, to have no more adult worries, to mentally return to that of a helpless infant. Would the continuous baby treatment eventually affect your mind to the point where you behave and act as you once did when you were first a baby? I would so love to find out and this time be able to appreciate the life of a baby. Still having some adult thoughts, knowing that you are an adult being treated as a baby, but behaving naturally as a baby because of the baby treatment.

I know it is a fantasy, but perhaps if I find the right Mummy, it could just happen. I am sure there are some special women out there who would love to have such a baby in their life as much as I want to be a baby for them.

It may sound a bit crazy, but it is harmless and for me would be so rewarding and make me so happy.

First of all, I love her diaper and plastic pants, she looks so soft. And by the size of your diapers you must be a big BedWetter, don't you?

I believe so, but it wouldn't be the same experience. Maybe you wouldn't like it so much, because for you it would be ordinary.

I think the cool thing about our world is being regressed. You grow up being an adult, with your responsibilities, but with the desire to be a baby again. And suddenly a lady appears who proposes to him to go back to being a baby. She'll take care of you, you'll wear diapers 24/7 a day, you don't need to have any responsibilities much less work. Your job will be to wet and soil your diapers, and act like a baby all day long. That would be ideal. I say this because like you, I imagine being a baby 24/7, and I'm about to do that. (Yes, a lady made me this proposal).

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