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eBay Chastity Devices
I recently purchased a neosteel type chastity belt on eBay for about £100. Beware these devices are virtually unusable and if you opt to go that route you will need to pay for quality and have one custom made. This one might be okay for home if a Mistress wanted to make a days housework even more difficult for her sissy but are useless for out door24/7wear.
Just goes to prove "that youse do gets whats youse pays for".[Image: angry.png]
Absolutely, they are ok to play with but nothing more than that. As are most of the trapped ball devices on eBay too if they don't break on first use.
Would loves MySteel untouchable but €1000+ is a bit too much.
Yeah a £1,000 but it is for a truly "Grand" device!!!!
I've often heard a saying that applies to major purchases...and it's something like..."Buy the book before you buy the device"...In other words a little money invested learning about a major purchase can be a good investment.  And, a proper chastity device is a large (ish) it ought to be.  After all, you (or Your sub) will be wearing it long term...

Mistress Benay has written many books on the subject of male chastity, and I believe Her to be an authority on the subject...Her books can be found on Amazon in Kindle format...She's well written, very experienced and knowledgeable...Additionally, She's on Fetlife...and very friendly and approachable and willing to answer questions and provide advice about chastity devices... Here is the synopses of a bundled package of 2 of Her books on the subject of male chastity (and they include reviews of the different devices available)...

Male Chastity - The Complete Bundled Primer To Female Led Relationships Kindle Edition

Due to Popular Demand, Mistress Benay has now compiled "Male Chastity - The 'Key' To A Successful Female Led Relationship" and "The Male Chastity Revolution" in one great page turning Novel.
If you are a woman who is tired of being neglected or left unfulfilled by your partner in your marriage or relationship, then you need to read this book. Would you like your partner to be more attentive to your needs? Would you like your partner to always have your sexual satisfaction as his primary focus? Would you like your partner to be more caring and helpful around the home? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book by Mistress Benay will give you the help and direction that you need to take control of your relationship, and condition your partner to make you the paramount concern in his life at all times. For over Fourteen years, Mistress Benay has used Male Chastity as the primary means to take control of her marriage, and of her relationships with men. Now, in this book, she shares with you all of the information and easy to follow techniques which you need to know, so that you also can reap the benefits of building a true Female Led Relationship.
Mistress Benay explains in great detail how the male's physical needs control his mind, and how unfortunately most of the time his focus is on his needs not yours. By following the advice in her book, however, you can change your partner's actions by the simple act of taking control of his orgasms. When you do, your home life, your emotional and physical needs, and most importantly, your sexual contentment will all improve for the better. Your needs, not his, will become the most important things in your marriage or relationship when you follow the road map laid out in this book by Mistress Benay. This book is filled with proven techniques which will help you take control of your marriage or relationship, as well as New updated and in-depth reviews of the most popular male chastity devices which are available on the market today. As a Bonus, you can read actual letters which men and women have sent to Mistress Benay detailing how their lives have changed once they implemented Male Chastity into their Relationships.

Hope this helps!

sissy jamieanne

PS...after posting this, I discovered that Mistress Benay is offering Her newest Kindle book free...starting today until November 20th...this book is fiction, but if you want a sample of Mistress Benay's writing style, it's a great offer...

Here's the link...

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