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Buying a Car
(04-14-2018, 02:22 PM)whyguys Wrote:
(04-13-2018, 11:46 PM)Pantiedmyhubby Wrote: One thing I had to do right away was get rid of my sweeties truck and toys.  He had one of those environment ruining 4X4 trucks and all the other sporting goods that he accumulated as a male.  So I gave him my Toyota and traded his truck for a new Lincoln for me.  His golf clubs went on craiglist to offset the cost of his new wardrobe.  The boat had to go since there was no truck to pull it.......  Into my account of course.  I swear sometimes he was near tears as he saw these icons of his manliness slowly disappear.  An interesting side benefit was that as these things went away so did those deadbeat males that he used to think were his friends.......  This slow stripping of all things masculine really helps the developing sissy along towards his new and proper role....  Any others with this experience?

What winsome imprinting on your sweetie girl's psyche!  Seeing a male girl's tears might be one of a Female's most memorable trophy remembrances of Her burgeoning empowerment and his coming proper feminization.

Might your next steps be some new exercise equipment: 
1.  a loose comfortable jogging grey sweatsuit for you while 'she' runs behind you in a form-fitting femininely colored nylon jumpsuit?
2.  You racing on a 12 speed bicycle with 'her' pedaling on a girl's pink one speed trying to keep up

well only joking..... PERHAPS!

Fun ideas and yes to the outfits and have not done the bike thing yet..

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