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Punishment art.
Well one has to make a living!

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How exquisitely humiliating for the poor boys! Girls can be so mean to boys who still have to wear nappies.
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Yes Ali, so deliciously humiliating. Yet at the same time, the thought of trading places with that boy right now, is very EXCITING to me. When is my turn?❤️
Makes me think of the funny movie Airplane, the scene where everyone is lining up with weapons in hand, to have a turn beating on the hysterical woman. Only replace weapons with punishment items, paddles, crops, butt plugs, etc.
I wonder if the boy only suffered spankings?

Perhaps the girls were cruel enough to also offer the option of putting things down the back of his nappy. Maybe they had a competition to guess how much warm water could be poured in before his nappy and baby knickers started to leak down his legs. Or maybe they let people see how much squidgy fruit they could squeeze into his nappy. A few soft bananas can feel very uncomfortable, especially if they're forced down between his legs, and then some vigorous pats administered to ensure it's all well spread around.
Heart Sugar and spice and all things nice Heart

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