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Hello Ladies (CURTSY) I am a 62 year old, single, white male. I am searching for a STRICT LADY to Serve and hopefully be in a long term relationship with. I am a Larger guy. I am 5'10" tall and weight about 220 pounds. I have always walked, talked, dressed and acted masculine and Macho, but in my heart I have always known that really, I am a Sissy. I LOVE and ADORE WOMEN and feel that they are Superior but I have always been Scared and Intimidated by them. Although I have always walked, talked, dressed and acted masculine, I have been collecting clothing suitable for a Sissy to wear. I have a Large collection of items but I cannot bring myself to wear them on my own. I need a STRICT LADY to take CONTROL of me and to take away my male clothing and insist that I learn to walk, talk, dress and act like the Sissy I know I really am. I would LOVE to become a Sissy Maid or Male housewife and Serve a Superior Lady. I live in Edmonton, Alberta. Canada but I would be Happy to relocated to be with a Superior Lady who will assist me in becoming a proper Sissy. If there is a Lady interested Please message me. Thank You. Sincerely Nancy Dee Pansy. (CURTSY)

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