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(07-14-2017, 11:52 PM)belinda_t Wrote: Whyguys it 'may' be 'impossible' but that's life. My doctor is well aware of my situation. And helps out when I ask. I have had many tests etc checking for that and that. However even though he knows and his staff would know, I always attend the clinic in gender neutral clothes. Likewise if there is any chance of running into someone who is not aware of my situation I dress neutral or mannish!! Simple reason being that rocking the boat is not worth the heartache. Idyllic philosophy or not modern day society says it's tolerant but it's not. And I/we aren't prepared 'force' my lifestyle on those who may find it confronting.

I'm not in a position to judge others and also not prepared t have them judge me. Selfish? So best to keep your head down and live our own lives. And that's hard enough as it is without further complications.

Yes... asserting one's values is important, and yet it is a fine line to keep from becoming what we do not like if our method is to cut down ANY free speech or non-violent behaviour. 

We truly are not far apart on this, stay focused, friend.

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