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Amazing Site
Wel,l Susan was actually male
(11-08-2017, 07:26 AM)RadicalFeminist Wrote:
(11-08-2017, 06:27 AM)chris80 Wrote: Susan MacDonald was not just involved, she was the instigator and owner of the free site. Despite the PO Box in Grimsby UK, she was a surgical doctor who lived in Melbourne Australia, dying of cancer aged 62.

Thanks, I know Susan had died young. I suspect her and Aunt Helga have many interesting stories to share. Does anyone know the background of either women, how they got started with petticoating and what inspired them to create the site?


Wow, somehow I missed this thread.

I never had any correspondence with Ms McDonald. I corresponded with Auntie Helga from time to time. When I discovered how easy it was to manage a Voy forum, I started the petticoated Voy forum, as well as the Female Superiority form, which is still operational. (I invite anyone here to participate in that forum.)

I once gently suggested to Auntie Helga that people would be interested in her history, but she isn't inclined to share personal details.

Auntie Helga has plenty to do with the Quarterly and her worldwide correspondence. She is the owner of the forum, which shares her server with the Quarterly.

I moderate the forum under her direction. I've had to deal with fewer than 10 questionable posts in a year and 1/2 (We are a polite and respectful group of sissies and Superiors!). I either consult with her before taking action, or in obvious cases, inform her after the fact. Over the years, I need to consult with her less often because I understand her parameters better. To me, it seems this is how servitude should be. The male does the work under guidance from the female, freeing the female for more important or demanding work of her own. I am humbled and honored to serve the idea of Female Superiority in this way..

Baby Sam and Richardto are invaluable helpers. I couldn't keep up with the sustained spam attack without their assistance.
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(11-04-2017, 02:01 AM)RadicalFeminist Wrote: Just want to say thanks to Aunt Helga and micheleFFS for running the site and keeping this forum a safe and fun place to visit often. is one of the first sites I visit come the 1st of every month. Love the variety of material and topics covered.

Does anyone remember how long site has been around? I know the late Susan MacDonald was involved from the beginning I don't remember the first time coming here it might be in the early 2000's, I have recommend the site to a number of curious mothers and its been a fun thing to discuss in my close circle of radical feminist friends.


not sure but something in my head says it was 2001 but i might be well wrong
Here you go...

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