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Boy in Booty Shorts
If you just want to relax for a few moments and watch something purely fun, this is cute:

If you love the sound of teenage girls giggling at the sight of a humiliated boy, start viewing at about 2:00.

Shortly after 5:00, "He has a nicer butt than all of us".

The confidence that the young women filmmakers have is truly inspirational.
Girls girls need to hold the cell phone or photo taking device STEADY and not Jumping all over the place !

Surprised did not get more attention wearing that PINK back pack - certainly co-ordinated in an odd way.

Shame the 'Booty Shorts' were not in a matching pastel color (pink?) and cut a tad bit higher showing more cheek
with a hint of contrasting lacy trim panty !
Yes it was the uniform of the game in "Basketball" and speedos were common on the beach !
Now look at the crap the ballers are wearing today - knee length pantaloons both on the court and the beach !
AND don't get me started on the new Crack Waist line fashions !
Actually should ignore the zipper location and use.
The zip is fairly easy and functional no matter what dexterity one has.
The exception to this would be the center back seam - while you can't see what your are doing (unless in a mirror)
the basic concept remains the same - slide the zipper up to the top of the waist to close.

What is real neat is the hidden seam zipper - now how the hell did he get into or out of those form fitted shorts !

But then I just as soon go with the exhibition bold exposed zipper.
A real flagrant example is the waist down thru the crotch and back up the crotch center back seam - just be
careful of the closing near the external male parts.

Keep the design simple no pockets; belt loops or other riveted accessories except for a very intriguing concept
of LOCKING the waist shut about the wearer with or without regard to diapers.
Though I have heard of Scottish mothers adding feminising attachments to keep their sons in order (Without a sporran, shorter than normal, frilly panties etc).

Hey I resemble that remark !
But scratch the Scottish mothers having anything to do with it !
Kilts are a Man's Skirt and don't you forget it !
I personally have adapted adjustments alterations and accessory attachments to my kilts.
I wear them short 16-18 inch hem line (24 is standard) - no sporran knocking about the critical area
and as for frilly panties why not ? Looking up kilt skirt give the lassies something to comment on.
I'll compete on any level at any time !
The shocker is the bright pastel neon contrasting color rhumba square dance panties !
With a 16 inch or less hem length kilt (skirt) any careless move results in a peak at the previously forbidden zone*** !
*** "Don't Ask - Don't Tell" !

I subscribe to fashionable kilt/skirt wearing by the male and love to push the envelope of strict regulation !
Men can wear a tartan skirt and it is almost automatically presumed to be a kilt.
Wear a skirt with pleats and the misconception is further pushed pass the neutral zone - pleats must be a kilt.

This is not the only forum with a license for men to wear a skirt although with this one having the SISSY label seems to be the norm.
Here in the US we have a restaurant chain called "Hooters". It's casual dining, a bit juvenile, oriented toward younger men, and defines itself as "tacky". Not too serious. Not quite fast food but hardly family-oriented or adult casual dining either.

The table servers are almost all young, attractive females. The uniform isn't consistent in every restaurant, but usually consists of a tank top, short-shorts, and pantyhose. All shiny, clingy, and form-fitting. It all must feel thrilling to wear and move around in.

Some people find Hooters exploitative, but I disagree. I think the waitresses look beautiful, and many of them enjoy the attention they get. They are actually quite powerful and confident. They have good earning potential, and the atmosphere is safe.

More power to them. No one ever paid me based on my looks, if the "Hooters Girls" can use their youth and beauty to their advantage, good for them.

About 20 years ago, Hooters got sued for gender discrimination because they refused to hire men, and lost the lawsuit. So they now hire men as table servers, but give them a frumpy, dumpy basketball-type, hip-hop uniform. They should be made to wear the very same uniform as the women. That would discourage the wrong type of guy from applying for the job.

That works in the crossdress and cosplay restaurants Japan. They celebrate beauty and femininity, not just gawking and leering at women in revealing outfits.

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