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Fabrico Castro Fotografia
There is a photo and makeover studio in Latin America called Fabricio Castro Fotografia that specializes in transforming boys into girls for events like Quinceanera (sweet 15), as well as for glamor photo shoots. The transformations are complete, and include ear piercing and hair extensions. They don't do adult men, only boys. There are about a dozen films on youtube, here are my favorites.

This is my personal favorite, Luis Filipe gets transformed from a shy, awkward boy into a graceful and beaming beauty queen.

This is very sweet. Nicolas Alberto cries and holds his mother's hand when his ears are pierced, but in the end simply can't stop smiling and loves hamming it up for the camera.

Each film has many supportive compliments and acts as its own advertisement. The boys are beautiful in the end and all love their special day.
I enjoy these videos alot. They did have one adult video up til they pass the no adult and only do teen boys. They all are pretty well done too. I like the first video over the second. First one video they stated he refuse the falsies or padds for the dress.
Great set if videos and amazing transformations. If amazing what artist can do with the right canvas hopefully this new girls discover their its more fun being sissies instead of dumb old boys.
its gone  Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
(04-18-2018, 02:22 PM)tiffany Wrote: its gone  Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry

I wonder why he took them down.     There are some still up on his instagram account.
just two left on youtube
That's sad, he does some amazing work
New boy/girl  Heart

Great video, this doesn't look like a one time deal. I suspect the mother had long planned out her son's coming our party and will now happily have 3 daughters.

What is most amazing is how Bernardo only frowns as a boy but never stops smiling as a girl. He certainly has a wonderful mom and good support. Perhaps this is indeed his mom's idea, but he certainly embraced it. Kudos to all concerned.

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