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Favourite fantasy outfit...
(07-23-2016, 09:43 PM)Ali Wrote: Your maid's uniform is SO pretty, Kelly! And *giggles* you have lovely legs and a lovely girly figure too!

Thank you Ali.

I'm lucky in that I'm naturally thin so don't have to worry much about keeping my figure trim, although I do walk year round and cycle in the Summer time when the weather is nice as I like to keep fit.

I've always thought I had more of a woman's figure than a males Rolleyes
I really can't say which is my favorite ...

... the schoolgirl, the maid or the frilly sissy 

[Image: schoolgirl11_Small.jpg][/url][Image: sissyunchained02_Small_P.jpg][url=][Image: Poofy_Sissy01_Small.jpg]

I love them all ... giggles
[Image: Signatur.jpg]
Females rule, sissies obey!

The frilly sissy is so nice, love having a sissy maid, but all those ruffles and lace bouncing up and down as the sissy walks is very entertaining to watch.
(08-12-2016, 05:15 PM)RadicalFeminist Wrote: The frilly sissy is so nice, love having a sissy maid, but all those ruffles and lace bouncing up and down as the sissy walks is very entertaining to watch.

... and You can rest assured that feeling the heavy lacy petticoats bounce and the ruffles tickling one's thighs is utter exciting. Another good reason for keeping the sissy strictly locked in her chastity device ... giggles

[Image: Signatur.jpg]
Females rule, sissies obey!

Having never really thought about a fantasy outfit, the first thing(s) that come to mind would be a Southern Belle or perhaps one of Prissy's Sissies.

(08-12-2016, 02:37 PM)sissykat Wrote: I really can't say which is my favorite ...

... the schoolgirl, the maid or the frilly sissy 

[Image: schoolgirl11_Small.jpg][/url][url=][Image: sissyunchained02_Small_P.jpg][Image: Poofy_Sissy01_Small.jpg]

I love them all ... giggles
I love them all, but the schoolgirl outfit is my favourite.

I still love being dressed like that. And having my dress lifted and my bottom spanked.
When I was growing up I spent many happy hours helping my Mother dress -- brushing her hair, polishing her nails, helping her in and out of her sharp stiletto heels, and kneeling at her feet and fastening her sexy anklets.  Mother had no use for males who were rough or aggressive.  She was never nicer to me -- never more affectionate and approving -- than when I was serving as her "darling little maid boy."

As years passed I learned to repress my masculine aggressiveness.  When other boys played cowboy or football, I remained close to Mother and her lady friends -- shopping for pretty clothes, reading "Cosmo" and "Glamour," and learning about makeup, fashion, and hairstyles.  I learned to cook, sew, and clean and continued to serve as Mother's "little maid boy."  When other boys started chasing after girls, I started sneaking into mother's room and playing dress up (and with myself) in her pretty clothes.

To this day I constantly dream of dressing and serving as a lady's maid.  Nothing would thrill me more than girlishly mincing about in a cute little maid's outfit -- complete with fishnet stockings, spike-heeled shoes, and a lacy apron and cap -- for the amusement of a glamorous, domineering, maternal woman.  After I brush her hair, fasten her sexy anklet, and submissively kiss, lick, and suck her powerful spike heels, she takes me in her arms and kisses and caresses me.  I'm thrilled as she strokes my stocking-sheathed thighs, stimulates my sensitive nipples, and fondles my panty-clad peenie while praising me for being such a "sweet little maid boy."  Being loved and accepted for what Mother made me by a glamorous, domineering, maternal woman -- It's all I've ever wanted!
Like others, a maids outfit is at or near the top of the list. Specifically a traditional sexy French maids outfit, complete from head to toe. A skirt so short that the slightest movement would expose my bottom. Serving a room full of guests in such an outfit would be enormously exciting.
I love sissykat's ruffled sissy dress above - I would like mine in pink satin, matching ribbon in my hair. And again, so short that the first ruffleom my panties was in constant display. In a room full of mistresses and their sissies would be too much!
If we are limited to 3, and we're talking fantasy, I guess I would say a Playboy bunny costume. Ears, a Pom Pom tail, stockings & heels. I would love to be able to pull off that look.
All so exciting to think about.
Like most sissys my favorite uniform and ideal position in life would be french maid although I also enjoy more menial uniforms for cleaning etc. sometimes i just wear undies and a tabard for scrubbing floors. 
I would like to serve women as a bunny girl which Im sure would produce lots of amusement and excruciating humiliation
I've always loved leotards so combined with a tutu would be deliciously girly and again would provide a good laugh for my superiors
These are the top three but i just love dressing in anything feminine.
Longing to serve women
At the end of Halloween season last year, I took the chance to buy my husband Kyle a couple of cute, femme costumes. One was a super-cute Dorothy costume from Dreamgirl, and the other is a Belle costume made in short style, I think by Roma Costume. I've had him in the Dorothy outfit a couple of times because it requires cute pigtails and I love putting his hair in pigtails. I've been waiting for a special occasion for the Belle outfit. I have the ghost of an idea with the new movie out, of going to see the film, and then coming back and recreating our own scene. But I don't really want to see the film. I love the old one and don't want it spoiled for me.

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