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Helpful AB Sources
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Here are some places I know of, that are good sources for AB clothing and items. Some I have purchased from, and some I have just found. I hope they can serve, to help others find what they might be looking for.

  Heart Babykins, is a very good source for lots of cloth diapers, plastic pants, rubber pants, onesies, bibs, booties, and much more. I like them allot, and have dealt with them many times, and for many years. They will also do custom work for you. They are fairly decent with price, and good quality. Their shipping is pretty fast.

Heart Changing times, is a great store to deal with. They have lots of cloth diapers, disposables, plastic, rubber, nylon diaper covers, bibs, diaper fasteners, and much more. Good prices, shipping is fast. They also have a physical store in Las Vegas NV. I haven't been to the store itself, but I have dealt with them for many years. I hope to visit the store someday.

Smile  Fetwear, is a good well known source for many AB/DL items. Lots of diapers, disposables, cloth, and lots of other items as well. Nice site, set up well for browsing. Prices are OK, sometimes a bit more on things, but they seem well stocked, and as I said, lots of stuff that's easy to find, right there. Shipping is good. I haven't bought from them in sometime, mostly because I find things cheaper elsewhere.

Smile  LLMedico, good source, nice website, lots of Gary items. Prices are good, shipping is fast. I have dealt with them in the past, and was happy.

Smile  Plastic, as the name implies, they have lots of plastic pants. Good prices, they do custom pants. They display exactly what they have available in stock on a page, so you know. I have ordered from them, and was very happy with the service.

Heart  B4NS, they have lots of Suprima plastic pants. They are some of the best, longest lasting, toughest plastic pants around. They are pricey, but worth it. I think so, anyway. B4NS also sells disposable and cloth diapers, as well as medical needs. Great to deal with. Sometimes shipping can take some time, but not bad! The seller has 2 North American warehouse locations, and sometimes items will be in one or the other locations. I have dealt with them for many years, and bought lots. Just not real recent.

Heart  Cosy N Dry, is a great AB/DL, Sissy, internet store. Lots of diapers/nappies, plastic pants, clothing. They are located in the UK, but ship everywhere. I have dealt with them many times, and am very happy with them.

Smile  Angle Fluff Adult Diapers, Been around a long time. They made great cloth diapers, for medical needs, long before AB/DL's got so big with the internet. Great stuff, they do custom work. A bit pricey, but good quality, and good work. I haven't ordered from them in sometime, but I have always liked them, and would recommend a look. also,

Smile  North Shore Care, Good source for lots of disposable diapers, good prices. I have dealt with them over the years, fast shipping.

Smile Adult Cloth, another good source. Been around a longtime, lots of good stuff. I have bought some from they, no problems.

  Adult Baby Furniture, I never have bought anything here, but they've been around a long time. I added time link, because lots of people are always looking for real adult sized baby furniture. So, have a look, dream, maybe buy something? Looks like some good stuff, but expensive! Might be worth the prices though?

 Baby Pants, lots of good, fun stuff. Source for VERY CRINKLY, PEVA plastic panties. You want noisy pants, here they are!

Well, there are some I know of. Lots to shop from! I do have more I can add. I will try and do so soon. For now, you can browse what I have listed, have fun, and enjoy! Hope you do?
PS. I would have posted smiley faces for the last 2 entries, but they count as images, and you are only allowed 10, arrrrr!
#2 anyone a little looking for a daddy mommy or caregiver forum for that.
Anyone had any experience with buying from which is a German on line shop for AB cloths ?
(01-02-2018, 03:44 PM)Napped Kenny Wrote: Anyone had any experience with buying from which is a German on line shop for AB cloths  ?


I've ordered a fair bit from them -great quality but pricey. Bought the Gold discount to save money (paid for itself on second order)

Adult Baby looking for Nanny/Mummy/Friends

Also suffer from ME/CFS so if I'm slow to post it's because I probably don't have the energy
These two sellers on Ebay are very good .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel

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