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Gender Neutral clothing
'Gender Neutral' clothing - isn't this just another way of saying "Unisex"? Huh
Or ONE SIZE fits all ?
With fashions the way they are now days it's almost impossible to categorize many pieces of clothing into any particular category.
Almost 100% of my wardrobe is female. Yet many many folks would never know the difference. All of my tops button up the 'female' way. But not person has ever commented. My sneakers have a pink Nike swish on them. No one has ever noticed.
I think that most folks are so busy with their own lives that they simple don't look hard enough to see or care.

Yes Belinda there are subtle aspects to dressing without others noting the viva-la-difference.

The reverse button placket as you have mentioned
Dart placement in the bust of blouses to enhance the chest
Very short - cap - sleeveless shirts
Johnny collar polo shirts
Multi-mini-button Henley shirts
Petite epaulet shirt detailing
Something short about the hemming of blouses (shirts) - nothing to tuck away
And the usual pastel flowery color depicting a feminine touch

Reverse zipper flys
Side or back zip entry  - or sailor pants with dual button front entry
Pants with faux pocket detailing
Pockets with an over abundance of Bling
Waist band on pants with darts to reduce the waist
Belt loops with too small a belt for a masculine apt
Detail lacy seaming from waist to hem
Ankle leg detailing with lace and a tight pegged fit
Ultra tight crotch seaming highlighting outlining the bum
And like the blouse-shirt above pastel colors

Petite footwear with a small footprint and perhaps a hint of heel height
One step further exaggerated heel height
Obvious too many lacing/eyelets
Side or back zippers for ease of entry especially with the above
Colors other than the basic blacks or browns
Shoes sneakers - LOW quarters flats etc.

Not your ordinary fare for the male except for the white ankle crew sox.
Suntan on fair white skin

Bring up the subject of SKIRTS and DRESSES the equation changes
and there is more here than can be noted as just a HINT !

Dream Dressing 101

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