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How I learned
Hello, My name is Tony. This is my story, well realy my mothers story. She taught me how to respect women, and how to except them as my superior. I was 11 years old. I played with a group of girls around my own age. Well we played nice, that is got along well, till that age, then being a boy, I started to play rough with them. There were complaints to myMom, a single mother. My sister was away at her first year of college, and it was just Mom and I.
      Mom sat me down and reasoned with me, that I was to treat the girls nicely. OK , I did that for a week or so. Then went back to playing rough. Well more complaints from the girls Mom's. This time thier was no talk. Mom called me to her bedroom. The strap was laying on the bed. She looked at me. Tony she said, we talked about this, you didn't listen. Pants and undetwear off andlay down on the bed. Mom , I started to cry, please Mom, I'll be good, please Mom, please. Mom said  NO MORE TALK, GET READY AND LAY DOWN. I was crying before I had my pants off. I was naked from the waist down, crying begging. Mom just looked st me and said , on the bed now. I layed down burried my face into her pillow, my behind bare. The strap sang through the air, ended with a sharp CRACK. the pain spread across my behind, and burned deeply. I opened my mouth to cry out when I hear the stap sing its song again followed by the CRACK.  I cryed and screamed. But knrw better then to move. CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, again and again.
     I was on my best behavior for a few weeks,but then it happened, I pushed one of the girls down. Her Mom went right to my house, and told Mom. They talked for a while, I was upstairs in my room. At first the conversation was angry, then it calmed down and goy friendly, then there were giggles. OK , I thought, everything is ok.
     How wrong was I. When I got home from school tbe next day, Mom followed me up to my room. Tony she said very sweetly. Put these clothes on and pointed to my  bed. I looked and gaspped. Thier was red nylon panties, a bra , a slip, a garterbelt , stockings and a dress layed out on my bed. You will wear these till your behavior calms down. Put them on now. 
     I went to pick up the panties, I couldn't , they were forbidened. No one ever said so, but I knew they were. Mom said get them on, I was sweatting,  My mouth was dry, I was shaking. Moms aid NOW,  I took off my clothes and stepped into the red silky panties. Mom said from now on you will wear your sisters clothes till you learn how to behave. 
     My behavior changed. Even when I was allowed to go out of the house to play, and given my boy clothes back, I had  panties and a training bra on under them. I behaved, was no longer aggressive. To day I know women are my betters, and I must obay them
Very nicely told, Tony. Thank you for sharing your story...petticoating and a generous application of the strap taught you respect for your superiors...and you still understand this today.
Yes , I'm a submisive cuckold today. I had to help my wife prepare for a date tonight.
I hope you made sure to share your appreciation and thanks to her.
I hope she had a great night.
She did , and I did. I bought her flowers, and put A 5 pack of condoms in her pocketbook. I helped her prepare. She didn't come home Saturday night, but texted me the (I 'm ok cde word, ) and told me she would be home in the morning. She didn't come home in the morning, but again texted me the I'm ok code word, and tol me she would see me later. She got home about 4:00 in the sfternoon. As I helped her undress to shower she let me see her pussy. It was read and sore, she said not only did he use all 5 condomes, but had to go out and get another 3 pack that he used 2 off. She said the last two times she didn't cum. She was all sexed out. But he showed her such a good time, she felt obligated to bend over and submit to him.
Thanks for sharing with us. I hope you were properly dressed while you assisted her and stayed dressed properly while she was out.
Yes ,sissy cindylynn, while I help her get ready, I was in my cb6000s of course, I'm in that 24/7. Then a pair of pink nylon briefs ( my mother in laws) I can't fit in Gina's shes a size 5 , to small. Mom in law is size 8. I had a bra on with a short house dress over it. I stayed dressed like that after Gina left on her date. At bed time I put on a long silky night gown over my panties and cb.
She didn't come home that night. Bet text me the code word that ment all was well, and that she would be home tomorrow. She came home about 3pm the next day. When she walked in, I was in a skirt, and blouse, with my bra and paties under and dark thigh high stay up stockings. . When she got home she showered , while I started dinner. When she came down I had a drink ready for her, served her a nice diner.
After witch we went to my bedroom, I stripped to the cb6000. She unlocked it, She started to tell me all about her date , letting me jerk off. She told me how big he was, how he side into her. She told me all about it till I came. She didn't tell me much, cause I came in less then 2 minutes. Then she let me shower and clean the cb6000, before locking me back in.
Just wonderful, happy for you both.
I remember the days when my now ex was cucking me, with men but more often women, such a wide array of emotions, a knot in my stomach coupled with extreme horniness, and so many others. At 1st I understood I couldnt measure up to what those men could do for her in bed, but somehow I found it more challenging with the women my superiors, I found myself in a totally different place there mentally, totally out of my league.
Yes I understand, I"m very small in the male department, so I can understand my wife wanting and needing a big COCK. She would always redder to me penis as a pee pee and insisted that I call it that also. But when she went on a date with a women, I didn't understand. She explaine that a women was even a better lover then me.
From what has been explained to me Tony F., many women who enjoy big cocks, want big cocks and want masculine and virile males with staying power who can make their pleasure powerful and unforgettably intense, memorable, and fulfilling, something feminized, panty wearing sissies like us with small, inadequate wee-wees (as mine has been called, by both women and myself) simply cannot provide.

The males these women are attracted to have the natural skills, attitudes, the sex drive and manly tools necessary to give the women what they crave, need and deserve for at the very least, adequate sexual fulfillment something sadly girly sissies like us can NEVER, EVER provide. Our best bet is to be there afterwards, to sooth the women, provide a massage, listen to what wonderful details the woman wants to share with us, or as was in my case, not share, to nurture her, clean up or clean up after her, do her laundry, and show her how much more we love her for living her life to the fullest. By dropping off and picking up her dry cleaning, doing her laundry, doing the dishes and keeping house, we are providing her a service which can free up her personal time to enjoy her dates, find new lovers, enjoy her friendships, sexual and platonic as well as give her time to spread the message to her girlfriends and others that she wears the pants and enjoys her life, as sissies like us wear the panties and have committed ourselves to servicing her needs. Perhaps from her shining example, other women will take over their marriages and sissify their spouses, so that they too can enjoy such a life.

If she is kind, has the tme and feels like it, she may grant us priviliges, but those should never be expected, they are usually earned and at her whim, or not, as it should be.

When it comes to Lesbianism, from what I've been told, women can enjoy prolonged sexual intimacy and multiple orgasmic bliss which female/male sex cannot ever come close to providing. As women are superior to males in this and in so many other ways, the best you and I, and others here can do is to wholeheartedly support their needs, wants and desires so that the women we serve can achieve their birthright as fulfilled superiors. Sometimes she can simply enjoy femininzing and sissifying her servant, because it makes her feel good, shows a lover they have nothing to worry about when she brings them back home for a night of passion, wants to show off to her girlfriends or others, or simply becauise she can and it makes her smile.

As much as we might be sissies, be feminine, dress in feminine clothing, ours is to submit and obey her and all women, becoming what she wants us to be, there are aspects we can only partially or vaguely understand, and therefore must consistently strive by giving our loving unconditional support and submission toward.

You and I will never know the powerful orgasms women attain, the joys of sexual fulfillment women can receive, must and deserve to recieve from a variety of big and virile cocks, or even so much better, the orgasmic bliss and intimacy only 2 women can share. As she is dominant with us as a sissy, she can also be dominant or submissive with a lover, her choice, which has no bearing on her relationship with us. I learned this personally years ago.

As a sissy, our job lies in supporting her, our submission is clear, how we are dressed (often in clothing so feminized, no real woman would ever wear), how we submit, serve, and sublimate one's self to the glory of her, even if it means some humiliation to us for her and the amusement of others she shares us with, and in turn how thankful we must be to her for her allowing to be there, near her, serve her, to unconditionally support and love her with all that we are!

We need not understand her reasons, all we need to do is completely submit and surrender and with all that we are, give, love wholeheartedly and support her, in any way she sees fit! We are glad to be kept around and to in some small ways, be near the object of our affections, in however she best sees fit.

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