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my favorite mommy dom story
I liked this story a lot, you might enjoy it too. It's about a sissy boy and dominant mommy. Lots of teasing and excitement about panties.

Heart Heart Heart Heart
Just read the first two chapters and looking forward to the following. Wonderful story Smile . Thank you so much for sharing it.
I really like that story as well.  Sadly, the author chose not to upload one of the chapters that I found most memorable... it takes place during a pool party.  The author, Naughtieboys, used to run a site called Dommy Mommy, which is long gone, unfortunately.  Now it's more of a challenge locating erotica of a similar nature.  I'd love to be able to read some of the stories from that site again, especially one titled"Jason Gets Spanked" (or was it "Johnny Gets Spanked"?) which is about a boy who is kept after school by his gym teacher, who has plans to turn him into her sissy plaything.
I'm so glad you liked it!!!

I would love to read those too Dazey.. what a shame it's gone. You could try if you know the URL.

I think mommydom stories are my favorite type, I wish it were me.
Thanks.  I have tried the Internet Archive before, but I checked again today just to be sure.  As I thought, it is possible to access a few stories from that site, including the pool party chapter of "Humiliated by Mommy," but several of the stories there are not archived.

I've always preferred stories with younger submissive males and older dominant females.  I actually think that "Humiliated by Mommy" and some of the other fiction that I read years ago on the Dommy Mommy site is largely responsible for having sparked my interest in petticoating, forced crossdressing, etc.

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