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My upbringing
(10-22-2017, 02:47 PM)Obedientboy Wrote: Been trying to find an image that evokes my experiences. This is the best I've found so far, but you have to imagine the man as a much younger boy and wearing schoolgirl style knickers.

The photo is wonderful. At any time, any man can walk into a gentlemen's club and expect a beautiful young woman to dance and serve him beer nude, so why shouldn't women expect the same thing? I love the smirks on the women. They are clearly loving their empowering moment, hopefully they will have many more.
I've never been to a "gentleman's club" where naked women serve beer!

If anyone wishes to know more about my life with my Aunt please pm me and I'll get back to you. (But please don't pm and then not check back here)!

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