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Halloween dress-up
(11-19-2017, 10:06 AM)BABYLOCK Wrote: I am waiting for the Buffet breakfast scene and since it is close to where the sissy maid's sister lives - wouldn't it be appropriate for the sister to
drop in and join the fun. Gee I wonder how that was arranged ? And I think it only proper for the Buffet restaurant to offer an employee discount
since sissy maid will be doing all the waitressing !

     My wife determines what and when I post on this forum and she thinks that BabyLock’s recent comments deserve a fairly prompt response.
Susan and BabyLock had at least one idea in common about my recent Halloween petty-coating.   When Susan first told me that the restaurant was near my sister’s house,  I was 99% sure that my little sister would be involved in our weekend.  I guessed right and she did meet us for breakfast dressed as a witch.  Although there was no waitress/employee discount, I did make numerous trips like their good little maid to the breakfast buffet getting the food they requested.  
     I will post more about our breakfast & recent Halloween weekend when it pleases my wife.
(11-19-2017, 06:19 AM)SheWearsThePants Wrote:
(11-11-2017, 06:05 PM)whyguys Wrote:
(11-04-2017, 04:17 AM)SheWearsThePants Wrote: [
I don't have the luxury of suggesting ideas for our costumes.  My wife wears the pants in our house and controls what we wear every Halloween.  My options for this year were determined by the winners of the football and baseball games last night.  She assigned a costume to all four teams and I will be made to wear what she assigned to the either the winning Dodgers or the Raiders.  I don't know what my fate would have been if the Cubs or Chiefs had won, but at the end of each game I was handed a folded paper with the name of the winner on it.   

When I unfolded each one, I found out that I will be dressing as either a ballerina or a French Maid.  She said that she chose those costumes because I had already dressed as each in the past and they were two of her favorite outfits for me. 

When I began to ask questions about which of the costumes she would make me wear,  I was told that it was late and she was tired. She then promised that if I was a good little sissy then maybe this weekend I would learn more about her plans for our Halloween this year.


Saturday November 4

Our Halloween began this year on Thursday when I was told to make myself silky smooth before bed time.  After shaving from my nose to my toes,  i entered our bedroom wearing the pink baby-doll nightie Susan had earlier had laid on our bed,   After her inspection, Susan painted my toenails a bright red saying , “ I’ll do your fingers after breakfast.”  

I still had no idea what she had planned for the weekend except we both had taken Friday off.   I also knew that because of the baseball playoffs,  I would have to suffer the humiliation of  dressing as either a French Maid or a ballerina.  When I started to ask questions, I was told that little girls should be seen and not heard. " Any more talking and I’ll spank your bottom until it is pinker than your pretty panties." 

When I awoke in the morning,  I saw a short frilly french maids outfit hanging on my closet door.  On the chair nearby were all the accessories necessary to totally embarrass whoever wore it.  As i began to resign myself to my fate,  i thought that even a female would probably want to die before being seen in public wearing it.  This would be very embarrassing but better than being a ballerina.  

My thoughts were interrupted when my wife rolled over  and said,   “Does that answer some of your questions ?  I meekly replied yes and she said good.  It has been a year or two  since you’ve had the privilege of serving as my maid in public.  Now please hurry up and get yourself dressed.

It took a while for me to dress and before she glued and painted my nails she handed me a pair of frilly rumba panties saying that because my dress was so short these would help keep me somewhat decent.

Finally,  I  was handed a pair of high heels and told to take a few minutes to practice walking in them.  Susan instructed me to remember that today I was her sissy maid.  Sissy maids have girly voices and curtsy for their mistress and any other females they encounter.  Resigned to my fate I gave her a curtsy and in a girly voice asked if she wanted me to prepare her breakfast.  With a big grin on her face she said she only wanted a cup of tea.

As she drank her tea I stood in the corner of the room and when ordered, I practiced my little girl voice and curtsying wondering what she had planned for the day and weekend.  I was hoping that I would just have to wait on her all day and maybe hand out candy to trick or treaters tonight.

I knew that I wouldn’t be that lucky when she handed me a small pocketbook saying,  Prissy, you’ve been such a good girl that I’m going to treat you to breakfast at that buffet  restaurant near your sister’s house.  I dreaded the thought of eating in public dressed like this but my sister lived about an hour away so I was glad that I probably wouldn’t be seen by someone who knew us.  
to be continued


Nov 18

While she drove wearing slacks, mannish shoes and a shirt and tie, I started thinking of some of the humiliating things she has made me do or wear in public.  Eventually I meekly asked what she had planned for the weekend.  She just ignored me and kept driving with a big grin on her face.  Finally, she stopped at a gas station and asked me,  “What do you think I have planned?”.  I knew providing her with an answer was not a smart move so I just sat there starring at my long bright feminine nails.

She broke the silence saying , “I just love Halloween because it is the one time of year where we can forget about being cautious.  I can openly show you off and you get to feel what it is like for a woman to be  “On display for everyone’s enjoyment.”

Finally, she told me that she had a lot of ideas for the weekend.  Nothing is set in stone but since you’re dressed as my maid let’s start the day by putting you to work.  Pulling up to a pump she told me to put $6.31 worth of gas in the car and pay for it with the money in my pocketbook.

My weekend of humiliation had begun.  I felt like every eye in the area was on me as I gassed up the car and then walked slowly in my short skirt and heels across the lot to the office to pay.  Thankfully there were only a few customers but I knew that Susan would do everything possible to maximize my exposure and embarrassment as the weekend progressed.  As I reentered the car,  I was told that a good maid does the shopping for her boss and our breakfast would have to wait for awhile.  “ I have some shopping for you to do first”
“to be continued”

NOV 27

Our first stop was at a large Starbucks.  Before leaving the car, Susan attached a fake mustache to her upper lip.  It was obvious that she was a woman if you looked closely but her outfit didn't attract attention. My costume however screamed look at me. With no wig and a dainty, frilly lace maid's cap pinned to my medium length hair it only took a glance to see that I was a cross dressed male.  After holding the door and leading me to a table in the back Susan said in a commanding voice  “ Prissy, Please fetch me my usual.  When I started to walk back to order for her I realized I didn't have any money.  Looking back at our table, I saw Susan waving my pocket book for me and everyone else to see.  By the time I walked back to her, got my purse and then went back up front and placed the order , everyone had been given the opportunity for a good look at me in my sissy maid outfit. [/size]

My costume was an immediate hit with the customers and staff.    Most of the women enjoyed watching me publicly serving as my wife’s maid and ordering her coffee as I minced across the room in my heels, short skirt and frilly petty panties.  Their giggles and snickers turned to outright laughter when I took her the coffee and gave her a big curtsy like a good little maid should.   Anyone who asked about our outfits was told that she'd won a bet and that she planned on making me see and feel what its like to be the little lady of the house for the entire Halloween weekend.

My short skirt was very embarrassing and Susan made sure that I was in plain view of everyone as she slowly drank her coffee and talked to other customers.  She enjoyed teasing me about my learning what it feels like to be woman on display.  With my very short skirt and long shaved legs in full view, I felt like I was going to die of humiliation.  Finally, we left but only after I was made to curtsy to the entire place wishing them a Happy Halloween which delighted everyone.
            to be continued
January  9

    When we arrived at the restaurant, I was not at all surprised to find my sister waiting for us. A lot of the customers were wearing costumes and she was dressed as a witch. To maximize my humiliation and exposure to everyone, Susan and her made me constantly go to the buffet to get small portions of food for them to sample.  They told me that I needed to improve my shape so I was only allowed one small children’s portion.  Seeing me playing the maid,  one woman whose husband was in a dress ordered him in a loud voice to be a good little wife and do the same for their table.  We were the only males in female attire and when a group of costumed college girls arrived that included one also dressed as a french maid my wife offered my services to them. They quickly accepted. I was an instant hit and object of their teasing.  They loved seeing me mince around like an obedient sexy maid in my short little skirt and heels. When I curtsied and they saw my ruffled panties, they clapped and cheered.
    Susan usually protects our privacy and doesn’t allow photos.  Today was different since lots of people in costumes were having pictures taken.  It wasn’t long before photos and videos were being taken of me curtseying and mincing about the room as many women realized my wife loved seeing them control me.  
    Finally, the breakfast that was a preview of my Halloween weekend ended.  Saying that I had been a good little girl and deserved a reward, I was told that I would be treated to a salad at another restaurant.  

    I was made to curtsy and thank everyone for helping me start my weekend before we left.  As we were walking to the car, my sister got a phone call. I overheard her say “Just wait until you see him,  he makes an adorable maid.  I thought he was going to cry like a little girl a couple of times at breakfast when some girls really teased him or should I say her.  This is going to be a fun weekend for us.

to be continued
A fun weekend, indeed! Can't wait to hear more.

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